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Ministry of Transport: Facilitating enterprises via implementing single window

10:49 | 14/05/2018

VCN – 12 administrative procedures are connected to National Single Window (NSW), solving 202,305 dossiers with 8,536 enterprises that have participated in the system. Those are the results of Ministry of Transport achieved after implementing NSW over 3 years.

ministry of transport facilitating enterprises via implementing single window
In 2018, Ministry of Finance will implement 6 more procedures in maritime for connecting to NSW. Source: Internet

13.4% of procedures have been deployed

As the first ministry to join NSW (in 11/2014), till now Ministry of Transport has 12 administrative procedures connected to NSW including marine (5 procedures); register (5 procedures) and inland waterway (2 procedures). Those procedures of Ministry of Transport have facilitated enterprises and saved cost and time when implementing administrative procedures. Statistics showed that the rate of completely solving dossiers was always at high rate (above 98%) and there is no status of a dossier being overdue.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the enterprises have implemented procedures mainly by online method and no more dossiers are implemented by direct submission. However, the number of procedures which are deployed accounted for only 13.4% of total procedures (12/89) of the Ministry that expected to connect to NSW in the period 2016-2020.

In terms of benefits for the people and businesses, after more than three years of pilot implementation, enterprises highly valued the efficiency and benefits of the administrative procedure connecting to NSW of the Ministry of Transport that it brings to enterprises. Also, the cost and clearance time of means of transport at seaports decreased significantly. After more than a year of deployment (since 2015), enterprises are primarily implementing online procedures through NSW, with very few direct submissions. To better serve the enterprises, due to the online submission and enterprises lodging dossiers during out of office hours time, so many units have arranged officials to support enterprises to carry out procedures 24/7.

What do enterprises recommend?

According to the Ministry of Transport, there are still a few enterprises that have not adapted to the use of IT tools in order to carry out electronic procedures due to lack of human resources. Particularly, ministries and branches are currently handling administrative procedures in accordance with regulations of the legal documents. However, when these NSW procedures are coordinated by several ministries, there would be some changes to current regulations.

In addition, businesses are also proposing to integrate other state management data with the National Single Window Information Portal in order to provide convenience in the preparation, submission, making use of the data that have been made previously when carrying out administrative procedures for the second time.

Currently, the Ministry of Transport is drastically directing units to accelerate the development progress and provide the remaining procedures to participate in NSW, striving for 31/12/2018 to complete 100% of the plan. According to the detailed implementation plan, in 2018, the Ministry of Transport will implement 77 more procedures under NSW. Accordingly, by 1/7/2018, it is expected to deploy 55 more procedures, by 1/8/2018 will implement 10 more procedures and by 1/10/2018 will deploy 12 more procedures.

Specifically, in the maritime field, the Ministry of Transport will continue to implement 6 procedures, 65 procedures in the road area and 6 procedures in the field of inland waterways. Particularly in the field of aviation, the Ministry of Transport is currently surveying to build software to connect information with the National Single Window Gate to receive information before the flight.

In order to further accelerate the provision of administrative procedures through NSW, the Ministry of Transport recommends the Government to soon issue a decree on NSW to create a legal corridor for addressing administrative procedures which have already connected to NSW.

At the same time, the Ministry of Transport also proposed enhancement of users' convenience in the National Single Window Portal (NSW), the integration of national databases (such as enterprise databases ...) and other information databases in order to create favorable conditions for enterprises to submit applications. Actively work with relevant units to use the results of handling administrative procedures on the National Single Window Portal for other sectors, in order to reduce the composition of the dossiers to be paid to enterprises. Allocate funds to implement NSW smoothly, especially the IT infrastructure investment for the units to solve administrative procedures.

By Xuân Thảo/Thanh Thuy