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HCM City Customs organises dialogue with processing enterprises

16:48 | 17/09/2020

VCN – On September 15, at a dialogue conference with enterprises specialising in processing, the Processing Customs Branch – HCM City Customs Department answered many problems.

HCM City Customs organises dialogue with processing enterprises
Leader of Processing Customs Branch answered questions of enterprises. Photo: T.H

According to the leader of the Processing Customs Branch, in 2020, the complex developments of the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly affected production and business activities of enterprises, including enterprises specialising in processing.

Sharing with enterprises' difficulties, the Processing Customs Branch deployed many suitable solutions to facilitate, support procedures and ensure smooth cargo clearance for businesses.

In the first eight months of 2020, the Processing Customs Branch carried out import and export procedures for nearly 1,600 enterprises, with the number of customs declarations having completed clearance procedures more than 177,000 declarations and the value of goods near $4.9 billion.

Due to the specific professional task when processing customs procedures for enterprises operating in processing and export production, the professional teams of the Processing Customs Branch assigned customs officials and professional officials to directly answer problems for businesses. On average, the professional teams receive and answer problems for more than 10 enterprises each day.

The Processing Customs Branch noted many important points in notifying the production facility and place of storing goods that should comply with Circular 39/2018/TT-BTC dated April 20, 2018 of the Ministry of Finance to avoid being sanctioned for violating these regulations.

Through the inspection and review of the Processing Customs Branch, the unit discovered, currently, there are 61 processing enterprises that have not updated the notification on production establishment on the electronic data processing system of the customs authority in accordance with regulations.

Besides that, at present, 55 enterprises have not submitted their 2019 finalisation reports yet and 150 enterprises have not submitted final settlement reports for 2016-2018 yet, despite being reminded many times. The Customs authority is verifying the operation of enterprises in the locality.

At the conference, the Processing Customs Branch and functional divisions of the HCM City Customs Department answered many contents related to re-processing, co-loading procedures, but the export declaration has the same number of containers and some transmission errors when businesses perform cargo clearance procedures.

Facing some problems of enterprises related to re-processing, Nguyen Dinh Nam, Manager of Processing Customs Branch, said that according to regulations, processing enterprises must have factories, machines and workers to operate.

“At present, in some cases, the enterprise only has a transaction office, does not have manufacturing or processing machinery, enterprise signed contract and then hired another company to implement re-processing. If so, any enterprise can operate under the type of processing. When the enterprise is eligible for processing, the enterprise is eligible for enjoying benefits related to this type,” Nam said.

Sharing and encouraging enterprises to overcome difficulties, Deputy Director of HCM City Customs Department Pham Quoc Hung pledged the Customs authority will continue to reform procedures and support the cargo clearance of the enterprises. HCM City Customs wanted businesses to continue to accompany Customs authorities to implement the customs laws and policies.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thụy