May 16, 2022 16:26

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HCM City Customs accompanies enterprises to recover the economy

09:28 | 19/01/2022

VCN – To support import-export activities, HCM City Customs Department has agreed with business associations to issue a plan titled “Business association and HCM City Customs Department commit to continue being a trusted partner to recover the economy in 2022”.

Customs officers of Tan Son Nhat International Airport process customs procedures for exported goods. Photo: T.H
Customs officers of Tan Son Nhat International Airport process customs procedures for exported goods. Photo: T.H

Nurturing source of revenue

According to this plan, HCM City Customs Department will continue to fulfill all commitments on trade facilitation for the business community. Strictly implementing "discipline in the financial sector"; following legal documents on customs to deploy timely and effective implementation.

Also, reducing the time for cargo clearance, strive to bring Vietnam into the top of Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN) in terms of trade facilitation in import-export activities; strictly implementing the development strategy of the Ministry of Finance and Vietnam's Customs sector, while successfully implementing the national and ASEAN single-window mechanism.

Nurturing revenues with many solutions to facilitate the business community's economic development through practical and specific action programs.

Accordingly, effectively deploying an automated customs management system, moving towards Smart Customs; reducing the cost of warehousing and other costs for the business community.

Regarding the business community, businesses are proactive, active, dynamic and more creative in production and business, contributing to the recovery and sustainable development of Vietnam's economy; the business community strives to bring the total import-export turnover of HCM City to US$142 billion in 2022, an increase of 10% compared to 2021.

Strictly comply with the provisions of the law on customs; promptly reflect inadequacies and obstacles that hinder import and export activities of the business community. Designing strategies for the Customs authority on reforming administrative procedures.

Customs officers of HCM City Customs Department continue to commit to a specific and practical action program, actively supporting and facilitating the business community to have a sense of good observance of the customs law, to improve administrative procedures, customs modernization, reducing time for the clearance of import and export goods; avoid problems that increase costs for businesses.

Strengthening management, anti-smuggling and against trade fraud in order to create a fair competitive environment for businesses. Also, strengthening cooperation with enterprises in the spirit of frank exchange and market-seeking to rectify and be a comprehensive partner in accordance with the provisions of the law for mutual development and rapid economic recovery of the country.

Additionally, upgrading and completing the electronic customs procedure system in the direction of gradually eliminating cumbersome and time-consuming paperwork for businesses.

Commitments on many favorable contents

In this plan, the Director of HCM City Customs Department committed to the business community to implement a number of contents to help facilitate trade for the business community.

Accordingly, setting up a hotline of key leaders to receive and immediately handle the reflections of the business community. Heads of subordinate units are responsible for receiving and handling information reflected by the business community on customs operations, spirit and the attitude of customs officers.

In particular, the customs units will update the system of errors and violations in the customs management process for the business community to study and avoid similar errors in the process of carrying out customs procedures; encouraging and supporting enterprises to be self-conscious, proactive and aware of compliance with customs laws; improve compliance in the areas under the responsibility of the Customs authority; encouraging enterprises to self-control and denounce violations.

The Customs authority will work with leaders of companies operating in ports, airports, express delivery services, and warehouses to create conditions for the business community to develop.

Proposing to the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Vietnam Customs to discuss with competent specialized management agencies on cutting administrative procedures, applying risk management, and reducing the time for carrying out specialized inspections to proceed to modern specialized inspection, in line with international practices.

HCM City Customs Department encourages businesses to coordinate and provide information to support the Customs authorities to fight smuggling, preventing trade fraud, origin fraud, and intellectual property forgery to ensure a competitive and healthy environment in the market.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy