November 30, 2021 16:35

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Hanoi Customs helps businesses stablise operations

10:30 | 23/07/2021

VCN - Regularly maintain the connection to support and take care of businesses carrying out procedures at the department; create maximum convenience, promptly solve problems, and report problems to competent authorities to reduce clearance time for firms. This continues to be an important solution for Hanoi Customs Department to perform revenue collection.

Professional activities at Noi Bai Internation Airport Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh
Professional activities at Noi Bai Internation Airport Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh

Growth in import-export turnover

The results of revenue collection in the first six months of 2021 of the Hanoi Customs Department are relatively good. In terms of declarations, turnover and revenue both increased from the same period in 2020.

In the first six months of the year, Hanoi Customs Department carried out procedures for 675,546 declarations, 117.7% of the same period in 2020. Besides that, the import and export turnover of goods increased sharply compared to the same period in 2020 on all routes, reaching $31.04 billion, equivalent to 131% of the same period in 2020; in which export turnover is $14.34 billion, 122% of the same period in 2020, import turnover is $16.7 billion, 140% of the same period in 2020.

In terms of commodity groups, taxable import turnover of most major product groups increased, especially a number of groups grown sharply like phones and components; steels; automotive components; computers, electronic products and components; plastics and plastic raw materials.

The main import markets of firms carrying out procedures at the department such as China, the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea have reopened due to the effectiveness of the vaccination campaigns. The Government has implemented many solutions to create opportunities for businesses to invest in production and business development and the import and export of goods. The value of imported goods of some iron and steel products has increased sharply.

Through good implementation of the "dual target" of pandemic prevention and developing the economy, stopping the disease from spreading into industrial parks of Hanoi has helped businesses maintain stable production.

Meanwhile, the Hanoi Customs Department has also implemented solutions for revenue collection from the beginning of the year. The unit has researched and assigned revenue collection and targets in a scientific way, both suitable to the actual situation of each customs branch and creating motivation for the branches.

Actively review revenue sources, facilitate for import-export firms

Hanoi Customs Department has followed the direction of the General Department of Vietnam Customs in Directive No. 215/CT-TCHQ dated January 15, 2021 on enhancing the efficiency of State revenue collection. In which, determining the central and cross-cutting task is to create maximum convenience for businesses to continue to carry out customs procedures at the department to maintain stable revenue sources; at the same time strengthen State management through the prevention of revenue loss such as codes, prices, tax rates, quantity, post-clearance inspection, anti-smuggling and trade fraud.

At the same time, the Hanoi Customs Department has worked with the departments and agencies of Hanoi to implement the Plan No. 205/KH-UBND dated October 28, 2020 of the municipal People's Committee on supporting businesses to carry out customs procedures.

The highlight is the implementation of the mechanism on transferring border gate to Long Bien Inland Port under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 07/2021/QD-TTg dated March 2, 2021 effective from May 1, 2021 to help businesses transfer goods from land and sea border gates in the northern region to carry out procedures at the department.

In addition, the Hanoi Customs Department reviewed revenue sources, worked with businesses in the area, worked with Hanoi Tax Department, Hanoi Industry and Trade Department, Hanoi Planning and Investment Department, and Hanoi Management Board of industrial zones and export processing to solve business problems.

In the first half of 2021, the total revenue of Hanoi Customs Department reached VND 13,829/23,000 billion, 60.1% of current appropriation and 134.5% over the same period in 2020. Revenue collected only in Hanoi reached VND 10,433/18,600 billion, equaling 56.1% of current appropriation and equaling 127.1% of the same period in 2020.

To fulfill the task of revenue collection at the highest level and create resources for the following years, solutions for supporting businesses continue to be maintained by the Hanoi Customs Department, creating maximum convenience, and solving problems. At the same time, continuing to work with Hateco Logistics Company to slash charges at Long Bien inland port to support import-export activities of firms.

The Hanoi Customs Department will also work with other departments, branches and investors to speed up the construction of warehouses and inspection sites.

Another goal is strengthening the quality of reviewing at branches, especially for green channel declarations to detect and handle violations. Strengthening revenue loss prevention through the control of codes, prices, tax rates, quantity of both customs clearance and post-clearance stages, ensuring revenue collection and ensuring state management of customs. At the same time, the unit strengthens the work of urging collection and handling of tax debts, late payment and fines for administrative violations, limiting the arising of new tax debts in 2021.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy