February 05, 2023 22:10

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Da Nang Customs effectively applies IT, creating a premise for Digital Customs

08:13 | 02/07/2022

VCN – Information technology (IT) has been one of the important factors helping Da Nang Customs Department implement successfully the “Customs reform and modernization strategy” in recent years.

Customs officer of Hoa Khanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park Customs Park instructs customs procedures to enterprises. Photo: Da Nang Customs
Customs officer of Hoa Khanh-Lien Chieu Industrial Park Customs Park instructs customs procedures to enterprises. Photo: Da Nang Customs

According to Da Nang Customs Department, recently the unit has closely followed and focused on the implementation of missions and solutions in order to complete objectives as set in the five-year Plan on the application of IT in the operation of the Ministry of Finance and General Department of Vietnam Customs (2016-2020).

After five years, Da Nang Customs Department accomplished many objectives such as: coordinating to launch and develop online public services at levels 3 and 4; launching and developing an IT system; guiding to exploit and use effectively IT system in professional operation; implementing the work of ensuring the security and safety of IT system. In particular, the VNACCS/VCIS and centralized IT system of the Customs sector have been operated stably 24/7, helping to clear imported and exported goods quickly, reducing costs, and times and improving the competitiveness of the enterprises.

As well as the effective implementation of IT systems to contribute to the reform of administrative procedures, and improve the efficiency in the state management of customs, Da Nang Customs Department also develops software serving for internal management at the Department such as Evaluation and ranking customs officers software; quick report software for administration of leaders at all level; supporting software on analysis and determine key air routes; management software for complaint letters; initiatives management software; equipment management and handling troubles software.

For IT applications serving people and businesses, Da Nang Customs Department has implemented a combination of electronic customs clearance system and online public service at levels 3 and 4.

For example, customs procedures have been carried out entirely electronically; the time of receipt and clearance for green channel shipments is only from 1 to 3 seconds; deploying electronic payment (E-payment); regarding to implementing automated customs supervision, Da Nang Customs Department has been applied for seaway and completed to ensure the requirements for air transport in the near future.

In addition, the quality and quantity of online public services have improved. Da Nang Customs Department always maintains groups operation to promptly inform people and businesses about new policies; support businesses and remove difficulties when carrying out customs procedures.

According to Da Nang Customs Department, IT is one of the important factors that has helped the unit successfully implement the Customs reform and modernization strategy in recent years. Thanks to the promotion of IT applications, up to now, customs declarations and customs procedures have been electronicized anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it is also a premise for Da Nang Customs to develop a plan to implement digital transformation of the Customs sector.

Director of Da Nang Customs Department Quach Dang Hoa said that, on May 4, 2022, the General Department of Vietnam Customs issued Decision No.707/QD-TCHQ, approving the scheme on digital transformation of Customs sectors by 2025, with orientation to 2030. On the basis of the common Digital Transformation target of the whole Customs sector, Da Nang Customs Department determined that this is an important task and must be implemented. Therefore, a Digital Transformation Plan has been developed by Da Nang Customs Department for 2025, with an orientation to 2030. For the goals of Digital Transformation, the unit has followed the roadmap, tasks set out the common goals and specific objectives for the Customs sector.

Accordingly, building and developing Da Nang Customs Department by 2025 to become a modern customs with paperless customs procedures, at the same time improving the quality of service to people and businesses when carrying out customs procedures and state management of customs; creating a transparent and fair import-export environment, contributing to the successful implementation of development projects of Customs sector and Da Nang city.

For specific goals, Da Nang Customs Department develops tasks and activities for effective implementation such as perfecting institutions to meet the requirements of digital transformation; strengthening administrative reform, improving service quality; implementing ASEAN Single Window and National Single Window; improving internal management; ensuring information security and safety in the digital transformation environment; digital human resource development; and deploying a smart customs management model.

By Ngọc Linh/Thanh Thuy