September 25, 2022 21:33

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Basic customs training course to be held online

06:23 | 14/11/2021

VCN - The Vietnam Customs School said that it is expected that in early December, the unit will organize a basic customs training course online.

Accordingly, the participants are students of universities and colleges in the fields of economics, accounting, foreign trade, commerce, import and export, logistics, business, forwarding, individuals and employees in enterprises engaged in foreign trade, transportation and logistics activities; employees in foreign-invested enterprises, which have the need for background knowledge in the fields of customs operations, learn and want to work in the Customs industry or other jobs related to the field of customs operations.

Vietnam Customs School organise the exam for getting a certificate of customs declaration. Phptp: H.Nụ
Vietnam Customs School organise the exam for getting a certificate of customs declaration. Phptp: H.Nụ

Individuals who wish to receive formal training to participate in the exam for getting a certificate of customs declaration as a practice certificate; enterprises who want to train and improve qualifications of newly recruited employees or build a team of staff with professional certificates in customs declaration to be proactive in carrying out customs procedures, import and export business.

The course aims to help students have an overview of the Customs sector in order to have a clear career orientation after graduation; is a necessary basis for taking the exam and achieving career goals; supporting enterprises in training to improve qualifications for newly recruited employees.

During the process, students are supported and taught in the customs field and related issues through the channels of the class group even after graduation. In particular, students are directly connected with leading lecturers in the industry to exchange expertise.

The content of the training course will be combined with theory and practice by the Vietnam Customs School, including in-depth topics such as: Customs law and law related to the field of customs; tax policy for import and export goods; specialized management policies for import and export goods; classification of goods; customs valuation; origin of goods; intellectual property; customs procedures for all types; handle administrative violations in the field of customs; technical and professional foreign trade.

The course will be held for nine days, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). It is expected to start in early December.

By Nụ Bùi/Thanh Thuy