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Applying IT to control customs clearance time

09:36 | 28/10/2021

VCN- The Ministry of Finance has achieved outstanding results in improving the ranking of Vietnam in the Logistic Performance Index (referred to as LPI).

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Applying IT to control customs clearance time
IT application controls customs clearance time. Photo: N.L

The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) has performed information technology application to publicize information about the time for receiving and carrying out customs clearance procedures on the National Single Window, helping enterprises to monitor the time for declaration, handling, name of officer/units processing procedures and transaction of declared dossiers.

The GDVC has developed and operated many core information systems in customs management and other systems. These systems have contributed to reforming administrative procedures and improving efficiency and effectiveness in customs management.

The VNACCS/VCIS has been officially launched since April 2014 to receive e-customs declarations 24/7, classify goods channel, automatically implement customs clearance and return results for businesses.

In addition, the other systems have supported customs officers in handling procedures of customs clearance and supervision for goods such as receiving and checking information on means of transport and goods manifest; the VASSCM, serving the supervision of goods at warehouses, yards and ports; Risk management system; Taxable price data management information system (GTT02 System); the e-tax payment, MHS system.

Notably, the Ministry of Finance and government agencies have electronically processed administrative procedures related to means of transport on exit, entry and entry, import, export and transit goods via the National Single Window.

As of September 20, 235 procedures of 13 ministries and government agencies were integrated on the National Single Window. When carrying out administrative procedures via the General Single Window, enterprises are required to submit documents and receive the results via the system.

Customs implements customs clearance based on the e-permit issued via the National Single Window. Enterprises may monitor the time of declaration, processing officer/unit, and transaction of declared records.

Especially, the Ministry has also worked with ministries and government agencies to develop and implement the Master Plan on construction and develop information technology systems to serve the implementation of the National Single Window, the ASEAN Single Window with the orientation of centralized handling, which is expected to be submitted to the Prime Minister in the first quarter of 2022.

The Master Plan aims to restructure the National Single Window Portal to meet the requirements on receiving and sharing information, data and documents for all parties involved in cross-border commerce, supply chains and logistics through centralization of data processing.

The Customs has applied the VASSCM in all seaports nationwide and officially launched at Noi Bai International airport and piloted at Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The sector has also planned to apply the system in other airports in the near future.

By Ngoc Linh/Ngoc Loan