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Van Don International Airport is applied declaration for people on entry and exit

10:47 | 01/08/2019

VCN – The Ministry of Finance has issued a decision adding Van Don International Airport to the List of Border Gate applying declaration used for people on entry and exit.

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Van Don International Airport welcomed the first international flight on May 27

The application of declaration using for people on entry and exit at Van Don International Airport should comply with Decree 120/2015/TT-BTC of Ministry of Finance dated August 14, 2015 stipulating on sample, print mode, promulgating, management and use of declaration and the Circular 52/2017/TT-BTC dated May 19, 2017 on amending and supplementing some articles of Circular 120.

The name of the border gate is Van Don International Airport, managed by Quang Ninh Customs Department.

According to the statistics of Cam Pha port Customs Branch (the unit assigned to manage Van Don Airport by Quang Ninh Customs Department), by the end of July, this Customs Branch had already implemented procedures for 31 international flights via Van Don International Airport with 2,671 passengers.

Among this, this Customs Branch has received and implemented procedures for 16 flights on entry the country with 1,523 passengers and 15 flights on exit of the country with 1,148 passengers.

Until now, the unit has received and implemented procedures for the third international route connected to Van Don International Airport.

The Customs Branch has arranged enough customs officials at working positions to implement procedures quickly aimed to facilitate to people on entry and exit of the country.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy