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Quang Tri: Warning situation of using truck applied with  “load reduction”  for transporting smuggled goods

10:12 | 15/08/2020

VCN – Using trucks applied with load reduction, post-service trucks, cargo trucks of all kinds and passenger cars with reinforced chassis to transport smuggled goods, which are foreign cigarettes, foreign wines, cosmetics, sugars and electronic products from the border area to inland on Highway 9, Quang Tri province.

quang tri warning situation of using truck applied with load reduction for transporting smuggled goods
Customs force checked violated goods

According to the Quang Tri Customs Department, on average, there are 177 turns of trucks applied load reduction, 108 turns of passenger cars and 64 turns of trucks of all kinds operating on Highway 9 from Lao Bao-Dong Ha and vice versa.

Notably, most of the vehicles that have applied load reduction showing signs of smuggling and illegally transporting goods with great value and quantity with dangerous methods and tricks.

To avoid the inspection and control of the competent forces, the subjects often change the time, route, location, and vary the use of vehicles to transport with very impulsive and dangerous tricks. Many subjects control means of transport (trucks applied load reduction) to run at high speeds, disobey orders of the customs authority and are ready to fight the Customs forces, even threatening to attack Customs officials (and relatives) when goods were seized.

Facing the above situation, to effectively combat smuggling and illegal transport of goods on Route 9, Quang Tri Customs Department has issued many documents to strengthen inspection and control in the customs management area and directly give directives in specific times and cases.

Heads of unit performing anti-smuggling tasks are required to enhance the role of the head; each official, Party member and employee should uphold their sense of responsibility in the fight against smuggling; have specific plans to promote reconnaissance, closely grasping information of the management area, establishing dossiers and key subjects to have plans for fighting, searching and strictly handling.

In the early days of August, the Customs Enforcement Team and the Anti-Drug Enforcement Team (Quang Tri Customs Department) carried out professional measures of customs enforcement.

quang tri warning situation of using truck applied with load reduction for transporting smuggled goods
Smuggled cirgarettes of all kind seized by Quang Tri Customs force.

On August 4, the Customs Enforcement Team inspected and seized two consecutive cases of transporting imported goods without legal documents, including rice cookers, cosmetics and foreign cigarettes, worth about VND 360 million.

Previously, on July 8, at Km 58 + 400 National Road 9, Luong Le village, Tan Hop commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province, Customs Enforcement Team discovered a case of illegal transport of 11,000 packs of cigarettes of all kinds.

At that time, while performing duty, the Customs Enforcement Team ordered to stop the vehicle with license plate No.74D-001.28.

When detecting the force, the driver fled and left the vehicle.

Through inspection, Customs forces discovered 10,000 packs (20 cigarettes/pack) of Hero Filter Kings cigarettes and 1,000 packs (20 cigarettes/pack) of No 555 cigarettes.

The Customs Enforcement Team has transferred all documents and exhibits and petitioned the police of Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri for prosecution.

From the complex developments of the situation, the leaders of Quang Tri Customs Department reported to Steering Committee 389 of Quang Tri province, and at the same time proposing solutions to enhance the effectiveness of anti-smuggling in the area, investigate, handle strictly and thoroughly subjects with criminal signs.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy