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Proactively prevent and combat effectively all kinds of crime

10:01 | 09/04/2018

VCN – This is a direction of Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Cong Binh at the symposium on Criminal Investigation held in Da Lat from 3/4 to 4/4.

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Customs officials took a photo at the symposium. Photo provided by Anti-smuggling and Investigation Customs Department.

This is the first symposium with the participation of leaders of departments and branches in the South.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy General Director Nguyen Cong Binh emphasized that in the past years, the activities of smuggling, trade frauds and illegal cross-border goods transportation have been complicated. Violation cases take place at all border lines, land border gates, sea routes, air routes, international post offices, with sophisticated and cunning methods. Apart from the traditional methods of tricks, the subjects continue to take advantage of preferences and advantages in the State management regimes and policies to facilitate trade in smuggling and illegal transportation of goods for domestic consumption.

As the above situation, with the motto of "positive and active", the General Department of Vietnam Customs has taken the initiative in controlling the situation; actively detecting and fighting thoroughly with new methods and tricks, breaking into many specialized projects, big and complex cases, successful removal of many groups, smuggling points, and contributing to successful completion of political tasks. As a result, the prevention of crime and prevention of smuggling and illegal cross-border goods transportation, trade frauds and fake goods, have contributed positively to raising the state budget.

In two years: 2016 and 2017, the customs control forces cooperated, detecting 30,673 cases of violation of customs law; the value of infringing goods is estimated at 1,206 billion VND; remittance into the state budget of 506 billion VND. The customs authorities prosecuted 180 cases, increased by 25% over the period 2014-2015.

Deputy Director General Nguyen Cong Binh hoped that this symposium was an opportunity for cadres and civil servants to take the initiative in preventing and fighting effectively, and promptly responding to various types of crimes in the situation of new image; At the same time, to unify the awareness, act, raise the responsibility, exploit and use all the competence of the customs offices; efficiently exploit and use databases, equipment and machinery of the Industry; Equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the continuation of the professional customs control force throughout the industry.

It is expected that the 2nd Meeting in the North will be held in Quang Binh from 9/4 to 10/4.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy