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Preventing drugs in Quang Tri Border Gate

10:26 | 30/07/2022

VCN – Quang Tri Customs Department has strictly controlled drug trafficking at the border gate, despite the volume of means of transport on entry and exit surgeing after the Covid-19 pandemic was brought under controlled.

Preventing contraband beverages at the Quang Tri border Preventing contraband beverages at the Quang Tri border
Quang Tri Customs seizes over 66,000 pills of drugs Quang Tri Customs seizes over 66,000 pills of drugs
Quang Trị Customs seize 3 tons of smuggled sugar Quang Trị Customs seize 3 tons of smuggled sugar
Preventing drugs in Quang Tri Border Gate
The Customs officer at Lao Bao Border Gate uses sniffing dogs to inspect means of transport on entry. Photo: Q.H

Busting drug rings

The leader of the Anti-drug Enforcement Team said that the drug trafficking across border gates is complicated and increasing in the number of the cases, suspects and infringing goods. Drug criminals are getting younger and younger.

The drug-related crime has penetrated villages bordering Vietnam-Laos, leading to the increase in drug offenders from ethnic minorities in border communes. Some areas are at risk of becoming drug hotspots as Ka Tup hamlet - Lao Bao town, Thuan commune, Thanh commune (Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri).

From January 1, the Anti-drug Enforcement Team enforced six cases of drug trafficking, arresting 12 suspects and seizing 126,064 tablets of synthetic drugs and one kg of methamphetamine, an increase of three cases, eight suspects, 100,000 tablets of synthetic drugs and one kg of methamphetamine compared with 2021.

The team seized 66,000 tablets of synthetic drugs on June 20, their largest arrest. The case showed the great efforts of the team in busting a cross-border drug trafficking ring with huge quantities. The smugglers used sophisticated tricks to gather drugs in secret sites across the border and used the rugged mountainous terrain and night to ship drugs into Vietnam.

The local customs department has coordinated with other law enforcement forces to bust many drug-use places in the area.

On June 21, the Team arrested six suspects for illegally storing, using of drugs, and seized 64 synthetic drug pills.

According to Customs, smugglers have used local residents to transport drugs from Laos to Vietnam for illegal storage and use. This is a complex drug area that has existed for a long time, creating concern for local residents. The arrest showed great significance in warning for ethnic minorities about the harmful effects of drug abuse, contributing to maintaining security and order in the area.

In order to raise the awareness and responsibility of Customs officers, as well as partners and enterprises engaged in import-export and entry-exit activities in combating drug-related crime, the local customs team has strengthened the dissemination of legal documents. For example, the team held the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on June 26 in Tan Thanh Commune. The team also provided 800 leaflets to recommend the residents on measures to combat all drug-related crimes.

Preventing drugs in Quang Tri Border Gate
The suspects and 66,000 tablets of synthetic drugs seized by competent forces on June 22. Photo: provided by Quang Tri Customs.

Strictly controlling entry and exit activities

In recent three months, since the Lao Government officially allowed the resumption of entry and exit activities, the import, export and transit across Border Gates of Lao Bao and La Lay have surged, especially passengers and means of transport on exit and entry.

At border-gate customs branches, the department regularly arranged for leaders and officers to work for more than 22 hours per day to clear goods within the same day, contributing to helping business restore their production after the pandemic. The department also assigned forces to strictly control immigration activities, preventing violations, especially the drug trafficking.

Lao Bao Border Gate Customs Branch has processed customs procedures for over 600 means of transport across the border gate, including about 90% trucks, 3% passenger cars and 7% tourist cars. About 100 passengers and 300 local border residents entry and exit on average per day.

In recent days, the import, export and immigration activities across Lao Bao Border Gate have taken place smoothly. The law enforcement agencies at the border are always vigilant, strengthen the inspection and strict control of passengers, means of transport, imports and exports on entry and exit and transit.

In addition to the use of sniffing dogs to inspect passengers, means of transport, the Customs force takes samples from drivers for drug testing by drug detectors. 100% of passengers' luggage on entry is screened by the Customs to prevent smuggling and illegal transportation of goods, banned goods, drugs, etc. across the border

From early this year, Quang Tri Customs Department has coordinated with the local law enforcement agencies to seize six cases of illegal transportation of drugs, arrest 13 suspects, and seized 126,064 tablets of synthetic drugs and one kg of methamphetamine.

The department collaborated with local Police and Border Guard to seize cases of drug trafficking in the area and arrested eight suspects, seized 72,064 tablets of synthetic drugs in June-the peak month of drug prevention and control.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan