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Da Nang Customs: Improve the quality of Customs - Enterprise partnership

13:45 | 27/03/2023

VCN - In the first two months of 2023, Da Nang Customs Department handled administrative procedures on time for 100% dossiers. Solutions to accompany businesses are actively deployed by Da Nang Customs to create favorable conditions for businesses to stabilize production and business activities.

Professional activities at Da Nang International Airport Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh
Professional activities at Da Nang International Airport Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh

Ms. Nguyen Thi Viet Phuong, Head of Import-Export Department - Phong Phu International Joint Stock Company, Da Nang branch, said that the coordination and companionship of Da Nang Customs with businesses have been maintained for many years.

In 2023, the production and export activities of enterprises are under the general influence of the world economic situation, especially in the textile and garment sector, which faces many difficulties due to the decrease in orders. When export orders are "small", the competitiveness is getting higher and higher, and the quick and convenient settlement of customs procedures is a factor that helps businesses increase their competitiveness.

“Many urgent orders, which have to go through procedures out of office hours to promptly transfer goods to the ship, are enthusiastically supported by the Customs to handle the procedures, not allowing businesses to drop goods because of factors related to Customs,” said Viet Phuong.

According to Ms. Dinh Thi Tham, Head of Import-Export Department of Murata Manufacturing Vietnam Da Nang Co., Ltd., grasping new regulations and policy changes is very important for businesses to maintain compliance.

Therefore, sharing, supporting, solving problems and providing timely information from the Customs is one of the important factors to help businesses maintain a good history of compliance with the law.

The People's Committee of Da Nang City sets a target that the average export growth rate in the period 2022-2030 will reach about 9-10% per year, in which, in 2022-2025, the growth rate will be 8-9% per year, in 2026-2030 growth 10-11%/year. The import growth rate in 2022-2030 will reach about 5-6%/year, of which, in 2022-2025, 4-5%/year, and in 2026-2030 6-7%/year.

In 2022, the turnover of import and export goods through the management of Da Nang Customs Department reached 4.2 billion USD, up 18.75% over the same period; in which, import turnover reached 1.95 billion USD; exports reached 2.25 billion USD.

The leader of Da Nang Customs Department said that one of the key tasks in 2023 of the unit is to attract investment and strengthen coordination in the area to open and develop import and export tax revenue in the area in order to achieve and exceed the assigned targets.

The highlight to attract investment and create favorable conditions for enterprises in import and export activities is that the unit continues to develop the partnership of Customs - Enterprises and related parties, actively implementing inspection solutions.

To control and supplement policies in the direction of focusing, to create favorable conditions for enterprises in the process of carrying out administrative procedures in the field of customs on the basis of ensuring publicity, transparency and objectivity, in accordance with the provisions of the law, contributing to unlocking economic and social resources of the city.

In the plan to implement the development of the Customs-Enterprise partnership recently issued by the Da Nang Customs Department, six central activities were implemented including business support; consulting businesses and stakeholders; law enforcement supervision; Customs - Enterprise cooperation. In particular, for business support activities, the unit continues to innovate and improve the quality of support activities, with the priority being to coordinate with functional units in the area to create conditions for businesses in terms of customs clearance, and convenient goods release, in accordance with regulations. In addition, the highlight in 2023 that Da Nang Customs can do is to focus on supporting groups of voluntary enterprises and cooperation partners; small businesses, and start-ups.

In order to effectively deploy activities to support businesses, the way of Da Nang Customs Department regularly updates and organizes propaganda and dissemination of new, amended and supplemented legal regulations according to each topic to the business community. Thereby, the new policy information should be paid attention to the right and targeted audience.

In addition, developing the Customs - Enterprise partnership of Da Nang Customs Department this year, is to promote cooperation with the business community to implement content on anti-smuggling and commercial fraud; management of goods in transit; improve the efficiency of production and export processing management; at the same time develop a system of customs agents.

Carry on effectively implementing the program "Facilitating and supporting enterprises to comply with customs law". This is an effective implementation program in 2022 that is highly appreciated by businesses. Therefore, the unit continues to review to increase the number of businesses participating in the pilot program to support and encourage businesses to voluntarily comply with the customs law.

In particular, the highlight in implementing the content of Customs - Enterprise cooperation, Da Nang Customs Department will develop a plan for a 3-party cooperation program including Customs authorities - customs agents - enterprises; among Customs authorities - enterprises - import-export service enterprises.

Simultaneously, businesses are selected as core partners who actively cooperate and make many contributions to the Customs to praise, thereby replicating the cooperation model and encouraging businesses to participate in cooperation with the Customs.

By Ngoc Linh/Phuong Linh