November 30, 2022 15:02

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Binh Duong Customs resolves difficulties with import and export activities of businesses

09:29 | 17/09/2022

VCN - Binh Duong has provided solutions to support local enterprises' import and export activities.

Binh Duong Customs  resolves difficulties with import and export activities of businesses
Binh Duong General Port Border Gate Customs Branch Officers supervise goods at the port. Photo: T.D

Supporting businesses to restore production

Deputy Manager of Binh Duong Customs Department Nguyen Thanh Binh said the first half of the year is when enterprises expedite production recovery after the pandemic is under control. However, some shortcomings need to be resolved. Therefore, Binh Duong Customs Department has grasped and removed problems arising in the customs process for enterprises.

The department has focused on implementing solutions to improve the business environment, and enhance national competitiveness, and remove difficulties for business production, ensure social security to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic; proposed initiatives to reform administrative procedures, especially administrative procedures related to import-export activities to shorten the time and cost of implementing procedures.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, import and export activities resumed and grew with a trade surplus of US$6.6 billion in more than half of the year.

According to the People's Committee of Binh Duong Province, the export turnover increased by 7.1% to US$ 21.8 billion, the import turnover decreased by 5.7% to US$15.2 billion compared with the previous year.

The department has established a working team to support enterprises and customs branches in using the fee customs declaration software and handle arising problems in running the software.

In the early year, the department signed a Coordination Regulation with the Customs Department of Goods Verification to facilitate the verification and classification of imports and exports.

The coordination between the two departments has shown positive results when problems have been resolved promptly.

Volume of imports and exports across the port surges

Recently, the volume of imports and exports across Binh Duong Port has grown after the pandemic. This results from the support and facilitation of Binh Duong Customs Department and Binh Duong General Port Border Gate Customs Branch. As a result, the quantity of exports surges by 50% compared with the previous time. In the first six months of 2022, 135,000 import and export containers were on exit and entry across Binh Duong Port.

Binh Duong Port was established in 2004 and is a small port for loading and unloading general cargo. During its development, the port has invested in upgraded wharf scale, modern equipment and professional human resource.

Currently, the port has become an international customs clearance port with full functions as a professional container port, which can receive all types of goods for container ships with a loading capacity of up to 5000 DWT. Implementing procedures at Binh Duong Port will help businesses save about VND400,000-500,000 in transportation costs for each container. If including the port infrastructure fee collected by HCM city, the enterprises will save up to VND1 million for each container.

As a company that regularly carries out import procedures with many declarations at Binh Duong port, Michelin Vietnam Co., Ltd. has always been supported by Binh Duong Customs.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Anh Thu, Supply Chain Director of Michelin Vietnam Co., Ltd said: "The company has always been supported and facilitated in the customs process at the port. Especially, amid the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic, the company has been supported by the Customs in customs clearance. In addition, the company has been instructed new documents and policies and implementation of FTA to enjoy tariff incentives by Binh Duong General Port Border Gate Customs Branch.

Director of Binh Duong General Port Border Gate Customs Branch Huynh Anh Tuan said the branch has expedited the application of I.T. and modern equipment to strengthen the management and prevention of negative behaviours, improved qualification of customs officers to meet the requirements of digital customs and smart customs.

The branch always arranges officers to be on duty 24/7, including holidays and New Year to assist businesses in customs clearance fastest. Furthermore, it organizes meetings with businesses to exchange and remove problems for businesses and grasp information related to the operation of businesses to provide appropriate support solutions for the recovery of production and business of enterprises.

Binh Duong General Port Border Gate Customs Branch has maintained the Customs-Business partnership. The department has signed cooperation agreements with eight enterprises to promote and create favourable conditions for trade and import-export activities of the business community to ensure transparency and compliance with customs laws.

By Thu Diu/Ngoc Loan