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The State Treasury: Make great effort to support customers

12:59 | 02/07/2019

VCN- Considering that people, enterprises and units using the State budget as service subjects, over the past time, the State Treasury has not only reformed policies and administrative procedures, but has also reformed service behaviour at the headquarters.  

the state treasury make great effort to support customers Promote disbursement of investment through the State Treasury
the state treasury make great effort to support customers How is the State Treasury management reformed in the coming time?
the state treasury make great effort to support customers Specialized inspection of Treasury: Contributing to improving the responsibility of using the state budget
the state treasury make great effort to support customers
The open work space at the Dien Bien District State Treasury . Photo: T.L

Friendly office

In recent years, customers have become the key target in administrative reform of the State Treasury to create the best conditions for customers. The State Treasury has unified the State budget expenditures; coordinated with the Tax, Finance, Customs authorities, banks and relevant units to collect revenue quickly to the State budget. Especially, the State Treasury system has requested the payment control officers and the State accountants to work more professionally and become more specialised.

For example, at the Dien Bien District State Treasury (in Dien Bien province), this unit received high appreciation for its friendliness with customers. The highlight of this headquarters is the removal of the glass partition, the leaders arranged working tables with a large-sized glass surface to easily work with customers. Moreover, at the workplace, the desk of officers is always arranged neatly, creating an open and standard space, facilitating their work.

According to Nguyen Ngoc Nam, Director of Dien Bien District State Treasury, the open space is the most impressive point of the unit because customers will feel the renovation of the traditional State Treasury model, the friendliness between customers and Treasury officers with comfortable seats and convenience for preparing documents and working.

“Besides, enhancing the qualification for officers to perform their daily tasks, the State Treasury always focuses on building public culture by providing regulations on civilisation, respectful working attitude, and democratic, friendly and polite working style. This is a key factor to create convenience for customers when working with the Dien Bien District State Treasury,” Nam said.

The Board of Directors, officers of the Dien Bien District State Treasury have deployed the friendly office model with determination and improved morality and shared difficulties with customers, studied and followed the thoughts, morals and style of President Ho Chi Minh of serving people and had responsibility in the working performance.

Customers’ satisfaction

Trang, Chief Accountant of a primary school in the district often works with the Dien Bien District State Treasury. She shared her satisfaction when working at Dien Bien District State Treasury, saying "Every time I come to work at the Dien Bien District State Treasury, I always feel a friendly working environment, the officers always exchange the work with polite and open working attitude, creating the comfortable for customers. Previously, the people used to be afraid of working with the State Treasury officers, now this is completely changed by the attitude and working style of transactors.”

Many other customers also said that they felt better when working here. Officers are always open-minded and talk with customers gently and politely. Officers support and remove difficulties for customers. Thus, customers feel the inquiring spirit in the working style of each officer.

Nguyen Huu Khoi, Vice Chairman of Dien Bien District People's Committee said Dien Bien District State Treasury is one of the typical units implementing administrative reform. The State Treasury has updated new policies and professional accounting procedures, the units' officers have intensified research on the current regimes, input data and well exploited data on the subsystems of TABMIS and TCS systems.

"These performance have contributed significantly to reducing time, costs, volume of transaction documents and human resources. The State Treasury has changed the habit of independent and closed working of each officer working in a unified line with mutual control and supervision to help the leadership to implement unified direction and limit errors, thereby serving quickly payment units in the fastest manner," Khoi said.

Not only Dien Bien District State Treasury, but also in the State Treasury units of other districts in Dien Bien Province or all provinces and cities across the country, customers are always put on the top of reform goals. With the goal of considering people, businesses and State budget users as objects of service, along with promoting the solidarity tradition and efforts of all civil servants and officials in the State Treasury system, the State Treasury system has always successfully completed the professional and political tasks assigned by the Party, the National Assembly, the Government and the Ministry of Finance, contributing important results and together with the Finance sector to implements the socio-economic development objectives of the country, creating a foundation to build a modern, safe and effective State treasury system, towards an electronic State treasury in the future.

By Thuy Linh/ Ngoc Loan