May 16, 2022 16:36

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Tax sector will focus on deploying solutions on supporting taxpayers in 2022

14:14 | 18/01/2022

VCN – The General Department of Taxation has promoted the emulation movement on striving to accomplish tasks in 2022 with the motto “discipline, proactive adaptation, safe and effective, successfully complete tax missions in 2022”.

The General Department of Taxation has promoted the emulation movement on striving to accomplish tasks in 2022
The General Department of Taxation has promoted the emulation movement on striving to accomplish tasks in 2022

According to the General Department of Taxation, 2022 is an important year that is to create momentum for the following years to accomplish the objectives of the five-year plan for 2021-2025. It is forecast that the international and domestic situations in 2022 will alternate between many difficulties, challenges and the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the whole tax sector must unite, strengthen discipline and proactively adapt to ensure pandemic prevention and accomplishment of tasks in 2022 with specific missions.

Accordingly, the tax sector will focus on implementing tasks and solutions of the Government on the socio-economic development plan and state budget estimate in 2022; implementing solutions on supporting taxpayers, contributing to helping taxpayers maintain and recover production. At the same time, strengthening the management of revenue collection from the beginning of the year in order to strive to complete the assigned target in 2022.

Furthermore, the tax sector will implement the Reforming Tax System Strategy in 2021-2030 through reviewing and accelerating administrative procedures on tax; implementing the programme on developing legal institutions and policies on tax management and tax policies, promptly apply legal documents and policies, ensuring transparency and fairness; deploying e-invoices across the whole country; streamline and consolidate the entire apparatus of tax authorities at all levels, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.

Along with that, strengthening inspection and supervision of tax declarations of taxpayers and tax refund management; continue to promote electronic tax refund; develop and implement inspection and examination plans on the basis of analysis and assessment of risk levels, focusing on inspecting and combating revenue loss for businesses in risky industries and fields; enterprises refunding value-added tax on exported goods, enterprises eligible for tax exemption or reduction, enterprises having associated activities that show signs of price transfer; e-commerce business activities, business on digital platforms, transfer of capital, trademarks, projects. Improve quality and renovate methods of inspection and examination to increase revenue for the state budget.

In addition, tax departments must assign targets of debt collection to each department, each tax team, and each tax officer to manage detailed tasks for each month, quarter and year; implement measures to urge and coerce tax debt collection in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Tax Administration and documents, striving to reduce the ratio of total debt over total revenue.

Moreover, continuing to implement Resolution No. 94/2019/QH14 of the National Assembly on tax debt relief, cancellation of late payment penalty, and late payment interest for taxpayers who are no longer able to pay the state budget.

In addition, tax departments must also strengthen discipline, raise the sense of responsibility of tax officers in performing their duties, and perform the work of anti-corruption, thrift and avoiding waste; strengthening the work of dissemination and communication on tax policies and administrative procedures at all stages, divisions and fields through the innovation of methods, the development of diversified forms of communication. Furthermore, commending the achievements of organizations and individuals who have a good sense of compliance with tax obligations and have contributed large amounts of revenue to the state budget.

“The tasks set for the tax sector in 2022 are very difficult. With a long tradition and achievements, the General Department of Taxation called and proposed all tax officers and employees to uphold the spirit of patriotic emulation, solidarity, making efforts to achieve and overcome difficulties and challenges in order to successfully complete tasks in 2022, contributing to the achievement of socio-economic development goals and tasks in accordance with the Resolution of the National Assembly, the Government," the document stated.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy