October 22, 2021 07:47

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Hanoi: Successfully destroy the line of illegal trading VAT invoice

13:19 | 24/03/2021

VCN – Hanoi City Police worked with Hanoi City Tax Department to successfully destroy a line of illegal trading of VAT invoices.

Hanoi Tax Department has cooperated with Hanoi City Police to investigate this case. Source: Hanoi Tax Department

According to the Hanoi Tax Department, taking advantage of the openness of policies, a number of subjects have committed acts of fraudulent invoices to gain illicit profits.

Identifying groups of people showing signs of using "bogus companies” to illegally purchase and sell value-added invoices, operating on a large scale, large organisation, sophisticated tricks to gain illicit profits, Hanoi City Police and the Hanoi Tax Department have cooperated to provide information, verify and capture the subjects and tricks of criminal activities of illegal purchase and sale of invoices.

The Hanoi Tax Department informed that, through coordination for investigation and verification, the Police Investigation agency issued a decision to prosecute the case and five subjects, including: Le Thi Hanh (was born in 1985, residing in Tan Mai, Hoang Mai); Ngo Thi Xuan (was born 1960, living in Quynh Loi, Hai Ba Trung); Nguyen Nam Khanh (was born 1991, living in Season Avenue Apartment, Mo Lao, Ha Dong); Tran Quang Hieu (was born 1983, living in My Dinh 2 ward, Nam Tu Liem district) and Nguyen Dinh Vu (was born in 1991, living in Pho Hue, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi).

According to Vien Viet Hung, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Tax Department, to get this result, in recent times, the Hanoi Tax Department had deployed a lot of content in coordination with the police agency. Once detecting signs of violation, the tax authority transferred to the police agency for coordination in the investigation. At the same time, when police had information and detected signs that the enterprise has violated or illegally used the invoices, they promptly transferred to the tax authority to review, verify, and provide information and data in time for police to investigate.

According to the Hanoi Tax Department, to prevent the illegal purchase and sale of invoices and violation of invoices, this unit has used many different solutions. For example, Hanoi Tax Department has established a prevention violation on invoices group to study and detect violations and recommend preventive solutions. This group has operated smoothly and provided accurate and timely documents for solving the case. During investigation, the tax authority has closely coordinated and shared professional skills of tax management or invoice management to accurately identify the violation, helping police to have a basis for investigation, verification as well as investigation and proceedings later.

In 2020, the Hanoi Tax Department successfully deployed electronic invoices, bringing many benefits to users and management authority.

In addition, the Tax Department warned businesses with signs of violation on tax and invoices on the website of the tax agency. In case the taxpayer has violated rules, the Hanoi Tax Department would collect taxes and strictly handle all violations related to illegal invoices. In some cases of intentionally not complying, the Hanoi Tax Department would continue to work closely with police to handle it.

The Tax Department has always actively communicated and helped businesses understand and implement measures to enhance business administration to minimise mistakes that lead to legal violations and even dispossession of money.

The department has also implemented the programme "Information exchange letter with taxpayers" to businesses monthly via email to spread information about tax policies, tax debts and the use of invoices. It contributes to effectively preventing illegal invoice trading, especially against tax loss for the State budget, support businesses, and improving the efficiency of tax administration.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy