July 02, 2022 11:32

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Drug trafficking operates complicatedly in the border area of An Giang

17:42 | 02/03/2019

VCN – Drug trafficking continues occurring complicatedly in the border area of An Giang with more sophisticated methods and tricks. The struggle with this crime is increasingly difficult.

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If narcotic was detected and prevented in HCM City, it would be transported to provinces for consumption. Photo: T.H

That is the indication of 3 forces: Customs, Border Guard and An Giang Police at the conference of deploying the coordination work that was organized recently.

According to these forces, in recent years, many inter-provincial organizations, lines of drug trafficking and illegal transportation of narcotics from Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces to An Giang province for consumption, have been found and transferred to other places.

The subjects take thorough advantage of the road traffic system, the service of transporting and sending goods by mail, the business establishments that have conditions for security and order (dance hall, bars and accommodation facilities...) in order to use as a transaction place.

In 2018, the forces discovered and arrested 137 drug violation cases, an increase of 24.54%, with 281 subjects having illegal acts of storing, transporting, buying and selling narcotics. The exhibits that were seized include: 23,523 grams of heroin; 3,502 grams of methamphetamine, MDMA, Ketamine, Tramadol, Codeine; 72,511 kg of dry marijuana and some other related exhibits. The forces eradicated 39/63 complicated drug points and have prosecuted 118 cases, 200 accused.

Particularly for the areas of 5 districts, towns and border cities, 54 cases of illegal possession, transportation, sale and use of drugs have been seized, increasing by 7 cases compared to 2017.

From this situation, the number of drug addicts in the province has become more and more complicated, because the effective process of detoxification, especially for general drug addicts, is insufficient, so this has created a large demand for drugs, stimulating drug crimes to rise and increased activity.

The province is managing 5,352 drug addicts, an increase of 1,016 people compared to 2017. Currently 7/156 communes, wards and towns have not detected drugs abuse (number of drug addicts in the area of 5 districts, towns and border cities has increased 2,097/1,630, in that the number of drug addicts in Chau Doc area increased by 800/551 people, Tan Chau increased by 671/589, An Phu increased by 233/165, Tinh Bien increased by 196 / 172 people, Tri Ton increased by 197/153 people.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy