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5/8 group of exported agricultural products achieve growth rate by two digits

09:51 | 25/04/2020

VCN - Many groups of exported agricultural products had impressive growth momentum in March with the rate up to two-digits such as cashew nuts, cassava and vegetables.

58 group of exported agricultural products achieve growth rate by two digits
Sketched by: T.Bình

This is notable information related to exportsin March announced by the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Among the eight main commodity groups in the agricultural sector (vegetables, cashews, pepper, tea, coffee, rice, cassavaand rubber), five groups had a growth rate by two digits compared to February 2020.

Cashews had the highest export growth rate at 43,944 tonnes, valued at $309.2 million, up 68.4% in volume and 67% in value.

Next was cassava with 332,727 tonnes, worth $116 million, up 47.4% in volume and 63.6% in value.

Pepper achieved 40,297 tonnes, valued at $83 million, up 57.4% in volume and 45.6% in value; fruits and vegetables reached $361.6 million, up 42.5%; and rice reached 591,407 tonnes, valued at $271.5 million, up 11.1% in volume and 14% in value.

Meanwhile, coffee declined in volume but increased slightly in value. Specifically, in March, export volume of coffee reached 169,981 tonnes, worth $294.8 million, down 2.2% in volume and up 0.6% in value.

The remaining two commodity groups suffered negative growth.

Tea reached 9,277 tonnes, worth more than $13 million, down 1.8% in volume and 2.8% in value.

Rubber had the strongest decrease compared to February 2020 when it reached only 60,562 tonnes, worth $87 million, down 21.8% in volume, down 23.2% in value.

In March, the turnover of the eight commodity groups as mentioned above reached $1.62 billion, up 32.1% compared to February 2020, bringing the total turnover of the first quarter to $3.98 billion, up 0.3% over the same period in 2019.

China was still largest agricultural export market of Vietnam in the first three months of 2020 with turnover of $1.15 billion, down 14.7% over the same period in 2019.

The next markets were the EU with $684 million, up 5.5% and the US reached $402 million, up 7%.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy