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Vietnamese exports being subject to 208 trade remedy investigations

10:07 | 04/11/2021

VCN - According to the latest information from the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam (Ministry of Industry and Trade), by the end of August 2021, Vietnam's export goods have been subject to 208 cases of trade remedy investigation. In which, the number of investigated cases since 2011 is 161 cases, accounting for 77%.

Steel is a commodity that often faces trade defense lawsuits. Photo: Nguyen Thanh
Steel is a commodity that often faces trade defense lawsuits. Photo: Nguyen Thanh

For Vietnamese enterprises, being investigated by foreign countries and being subject trade remedies will have negative effects. If an enterprise's export goods are subject to a high level of trade remedy tax, it will reduce its competitive advantage, leading to the loss of part or all of the export market.

To avoid tax imposition, enterprises must arrange time and resources to handle and meet the requirements of foreign investigation agencies. This will create an additional financial burden for the business.

As countries have increased the use of trade remedies for Vietnamese exports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has coordinated with relevant ministries and sectors to implement many activities such as information gathering and early warnings.

Early access to businesses in industries at risk of being investigated, applying trade remedies to provide information, helping businesses understand the principles, investigation process, business activities businesses need to perform, possible scenarios for businesses.

In many cases, Vietnam has succeeded in proving that the Government does not subsidize or interfere in the market to create unequal advantages for exporters.

For example, in most cases where Canada investigates subsidies for Vietnamese enterprises, the Canadian investigating agency has come to the general conclusion that Vietnamese enterprises do not receive subsidies or receive subsidies at a trivial level.

Australia has ended many cases of investigation without applying trade remedies against Vietnamese exports, such as the investigation of precision steel pipes and colored steel straps.

"On average, about two-thirds of the number of foreign trade remedy investigation cases against Vietnamese exports do not lead to adverse results for businesses," the representative of the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam said.

In the future, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said it will continue to coordinate with relevant ministries and branches to carry out activities to support businesses to minimize the impact of trade remedies on export results.

By Thanh Nguyen/Dieu Huong