December 10, 2022 05:54

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UAE: New customs inspection centre opened to curb smuggling attempts

16:19 | 21/10/2022

It also aims to strengthen the country's security system, facilitate trade and ensure the safety of society

UAE: New customs inspection centre opened to curb smuggling attempts

A new customs inspection centre inaugurated yesterday at Ajman Port will "strengthen the security system, protect society, develop the inspection, facilitate trade and counter attempts to smuggle prohibited goods", the emirate's government has said.

The new Customs Inspection Centre in Ajman Port was inaugurated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Head of the Port and Customs Department in Ajman in an opening ceremony yesterday.

He explained that the centre contains the best smart surveillance systems and other examination devices, with the most innovative technologies in the field of customs inspection, reservation and storage of seizures.

It also includes a platform for fast customs inspection to simplify, facilitate and accelerate procedures. Lastly, the centre also has training facilities to enhance the capabilities of customs officers.

Mohamed Al-Awadi, Director of the Customs Department, said the new customs inspection centre is a positive step to strengthen the security and trade system.