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PM: VN ministries must make laws faster

07:08 | 02/07/2016

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, speaking at the start of a two-day Cabinet meeting yesterday, urged officials to ensure the speedy formulation of high quality legal documents, after presentation of a Ministry of Justice report on the implementation of the Government’s law and ordinance programme.

pm vn ministries must make laws faster Vietnam pays back $3 billion on foreign debts during first half of 2016
pm vn ministries must make laws faster PM urges better security to serve socio-economic development
pm vn ministries must make laws faster Ten laws take effect in 2016
pm vn ministries must make laws faster
Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc delivers speech at the start of a two-day Cabinet meeting.

According to the ministry, the majority of the laws and ordinances take effect on July 1. However, it conceded that the submission of a number of bills and ordinances has been delayed.

As of June 28, 56 documents guiding the implementation of laws have been issued, accounting for 32.5 per cent of the programme goals. Meanwhile, 49 out of 50 regulations on business and investment conditions have been submitted to the Government.

Until the end of this year, 114 documents are scheduled to have been issued, some relating  to laws that take effect on July 1, and 81 related to the implementation of 12 laws that take effect after July 1.

Citing the lesson of the delay in enacting the Penal Code 2015, the PM asked ministries to stay the course toward their goals.

The PM hailed the engagement of the Việt Nam Fatherland Front, organisations, agencies, businesses and experts and citizens in the drafting of the documents.

When necessary, the Justice Ministry should send officials to other ministries to help with legal document formulation, he said, asking head of the Government Office to meet with ministries to solve problems and speed up the work.

The Government leader also emphasised the need to ensure the quality of legal documents, in particular the guiding documents, to boost administrative reform, and create a favourable investment environment.

It is crucial to openly collect ideas from experts and people to enhance the quality of the documents, he urged.

pm vn ministries must make laws faster Integration will help in economic development

International integration and engagement in new-generation free trade agreements (FTAs) have opened up a fresh development space ...

Cabinet members also discussed a number of bills, including the revised Railway Law and the law on amending and supplementing some articles of the Technology Transfer Law. 

Source: Vietnam News