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In 4 months, many tax revenues hit a high growth rate

08:14 | 11/05/2018

VCN – In the first quarter of this year, in April, the whole Tax sector gained 94.500 billion VND, bringing the total revenue of the whole industry up to 33.6% of the assigned estimate until now.

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In April, the whole Tax sector gained 94.500 billion VND in to state budget. Photo: TL

Revenue collection achieved over 360,000 billion VND in 4 months

According to a report from the General Department of Taxation, thanks to the active implementation of solutions, in April, the tax sector has collected 94.500 billion VND into the state budget. In the first four months of this year, total state budget revenues of the General Department of Taxation were estimated at 360,060 VND billion, equaling 33.6% of the plan and 8.6% over the same period last year.

In particular, revenue from crude oil is estimated at 19,130 billion VND, domestic revenue is estimated at 340,930 billion VND. Excluding land use fees, dividends, and profits collected from the lottery is estimated to be 281.230 billion VND.

Notably, in the mechanism of 17 taxes, there are 8 taxes that achieved a good rate (over 34%), including some big revenues such as non-state tax, estimated at 34.5%; personal income tax is 38.9%; land use fees is 41.5%; collecting from lottery 49.6% ...

In addition, there were 14 items with revenue growth over the same period: revenue from state owned enterprises increased by 6.3%; income from foreign invested enterprises increased by 3.4%; Non-state tax increased by 13.6%; personal income tax increased by 15.3%; registration fee increased by 23.6%; Land rent increased by 30.9% ...

With this result, the accumulated revenue of the central budget in 4 months of 2018 is estimated at 159,000 billion VND (equaling 31.5% of the current appropriation, increased by 10.3%); local budget revenue is estimated at 201,060 billion VND (equal to 35.5% of current appropriation, increased by 7.4% over the same period).

Also in April, the General Department of Taxation issued a decision on assigning targets to strive to collect state revenues in 2018 for tax departments in order to ensure that the domestic collection level in 2018 is at least 5% higher than the current appropriation which was assigned by National Assembly. At the same time, to concentrate efforts on directing tax agencies at all levels to drastically and effectively implement revenue management measures. Accordingly, the whole sector has strengthened and renewed the forms of propaganda and support, guided the implementation of tax administrative policies, and procedures to help taxpayers fulfill their obligations to the state budget and support to remove difficulties, to facilitate and improve the business environment.

A variety of sources of revenue

Although the assessment of the progress of the State revenue in general still maintains the rhythm, it also shows that the central revenue is still very difficult with the evolution of tax debt which is showing signs of increasing. As a result, the General Department of Taxation has identified a number of measures that need to be taken to open up the revenue sources, to increase revenues to offset and balance the budget.

Accordingly, in May, the whole sector must fully, seriously and promptly carry out the tasks assigned to the central budget; To perfect the scheme on strengthening the management and supervision of value added tax refund; To report on the results, the inspection and examination progress in the entire branch and the inspection results of the key units.

Along with that, the entire tax sector has the duty to closely monitor the situation of tax debts, tax debt enforcement and progress of tax debt collection in their localities in order to classify and accurately sum the tax debt up to 30/4/2016.

The tax sector is also continuing to implement programs and projects in accordance with the schedule, notably including: To study the development of the Law on Tax Administration and the decree guiding the implementation; to continue finalizing the draft resolution of the National Assembly on the handling of tax debts; draft e-invoice decree; draft of internal accounting circulars; draft Circular amending Circular No. 110/2015 / TT-BTC guiding electronic transactions in the field of taxation; project management tax for e-commerce activities in Vietnam ...

At present, the General Department of Taxation is urgently instructing to continue implementing schemes to upgrade the centralized tax administration system of TMS; upgrade the portal; electronic tax declaration and payment schemes for individuals; To unify the price list of registration fees for automobiles and motorbikes nationwide; tax collection mandate for business households; Expanding the tax base for the private economy. It is necessary to revise all procedures and regulations for amendment and supplementation, including procedures and regulations within the tax authority, to ensure effective service for the implementation of political tasks of the whole industry.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy