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Hai Phong Customs collaborate to seize the biggest case of transport 18kg heroin in the area

16:27 | 26/07/2017

VCN – A large quantity of heroin that was transported from Vietnam-Laos border to Hai Phong, have been seized promptly by Hai Phong Customs in coordination with Hai Phong Police.   

hai phong customs collaborate to seize the biggest case of transport 18kg heroin in the area
Ngo Trac Hiep and heroin were seized by competent force. Photo provided by Hai Phong Customs

On 24/7, through the discussion with Customs News’s reporter, leader of Customs Enforcement Unit (Hai Phong Customs Department) said that: By implementing peak month of against drugs crimes in 2017, Hai Phong Customs Enforcement Unit has set up plan, arrange human force to coordinate with competent unit for implementing professional measures in order to proactive struggle, especially transportation lines and illegal sale of drugs.

By implementing professional activities, Hai Phong Customs Enforcement Unit collaborated with PC47 – Hai Phong City Police to discover a line of trading illegally heroin from many provinces in the Vietnam-Laos border then transported to Hai Phong and continue to ship to other provinces for consumption.

After a long time of tracking, in the evening of 23/7, scout force detected Ngo Trac Hiep (lives in Le Chan District, Hai Phong province) who already has 5 previous convictions for burglary, while he was transporting a large quantity of heroin from Vietnam-Laos border to Hai Phong on the route of Hanoi – Hai Phong highway.

At 8:00 PM, on 23/7, at toll station of Hanoi – Hai Phong highway cross national highway ten, Customs force and Hai Phong Police to “spread a net” to arrest Ngo Trac Hiep due to transport illegally heroin. Through quick inspection, in the car driven by Hiep, competent force seized 10kg of heroin and 8kg of meth. This was the largest drug seizure ever in Hai Phong.

PC 47 - Hai Phong City Police has prosecuted criminal cases, detained subjects, exhibits, and vehicles.

By N.Quốc/Thanh Thuy