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Ha Tinh Customs coordinated to arrest a subject transporting 294 kg of meth

19:28 | 22/02/2019

VCN – Through a discussion with Customs News reporter on 17/2, a representative of Ha Tinh Customs Department said that the unit has coordinated with the competent force to arrest a Lao person transporting 294 kg of meth.

tin nhap 20190219084519
Competent force restrained the subject (a man who was handcuffed and wore black jacket)

Accordingly, at 1:15 AM on 17/2, at wharf 2, Km 79 Highway 8A in Son Kim 1 commune, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province, with forces including: C04 Ministry of Public Security and Ha Tinh Border Defense force, co-chaired and coordinated with Ha Tinh Police and Ha Tinh Customs Department and discovered two suspicious people illegally transporting narcotics.

However, when the subjects detected the competent force, one of the two subjects fled to the forest, the other was arrested with 12 sacks suspected of containing synthetic drugs in the form of stone crystals, in a car with a Laos license plate, PDR 2645. The total weight was 294 kg.

In order to interrogate and question for information, the competent forces escorted the subject to Cau Treo International Border Gate Border Station. There the competent force found out that the object was Vangchueyang Briachear, who was born in 1994, and lives in Vang Ban village, Xay Cham Phon district, Bôc Khăm Xay province (Laos).

According to Vangchueyang Briachear testimony, the 12 sacks contained synthetic stone crystal narcotics.

Furthermore, Vangchueyang Briachear also admitted that at 6:00 AM on 16/2, the subject was hired by Mr. Ku Li (a Laotian) for supervising the transportation of drugs from Laos to Vietnam for a salary of 100,000 Baht (Thai money), and he was given 10,000 Baht for expenses.

tin nhap 20190219084519
294 kg of meth were packed in 12 blue sacks

At 8:00 AM on the same day, the subject together with a man, went in a Hyundai Starex car (license plate Lao PDR 2645) driven by the other man to Vietnam. Around 10:30 AM on 16/2, they implemented procedures for entry into Vietnam via Cau Treo international border gate and stayed in a hotel in Son Tay town.

“At 1:00 AM on 17/2, when we were sleeping, we were informed that drugs were shipped to Vietnam and were gathering next to Highway 8A. So we went to that place for receiving goods and transporting them,” Vangchueyang Briachear said.

tin nhap 20190219084519
The exhibits were sealed by competent force.

Currently, the subject and exhibits are temporarily held in custody for further investigation by the competent force.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy