November 29, 2022 15:04

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Financial policies and legislations must take people and enterprises as the center

10:17 | 12/09/2022

VCN - The formulation of financial legislation plays an important role in promoting socio-economic development and supporting people and businesses, as well as changing and improving the effectiveness of state management methods in the financial sector.

The Ministry of Finance continues to reform and improve the quality and efficiency of the construction and perfection of financial legal institutions in the new situation.

Customs officers of Nghe An Customs Department guide enterprises to understand policies and laws related to customs. Photo: H.Nụ
Customs officers of Nghe An Customs Department guide enterprises to understand policies and laws related to customs. Photo: H.Nụ

Do not allow “interest groups” in the formulation of financial institutions

The Ministry of Finance has just issued Directive No. 02/CT-BCSD on reform and improvement of the quality and efficiency of the formulation and perfection of financial legal institutions in the new situation. It confirms the formulation and perfection of financial legal institutions is one of the most important tasks of state management.

According to the Ministry of Finance, this work has gained positive results, but it also revealed many limitations and problems that need to be overcome. To implement the objectives and tasks of the Financial Strategy to 2030, specialized strategies in the fields of Taxation, Customs, State Treasury, and National Financial Planning and borrowing, paying the public debt for the five years from 2021 to 2025, the task in the coming period of the Finance sector is to build a sustainable, modern and integrated national financial system, contributing to growth, enhancing the resilience of the economy, ensuring macroeconomic stability and national financial security as well as contributing to building the socialist rule of law state and successfully implementing the Socio-economic Development Strategy in ten years (2021-2030).

In order to reform and improve the quality and efficiency of the formulation and perfection of financial legal institutions, the party civil affairs committee of the Ministry of Finance requests the party committees, and leaders of units to urgently raise awareness of the position, role and importance of the formulation and perfection of the financial legal institution.

Determining the implementation of formulation and perfection of financial institutions is the responsibility of the leaders, who must consider this as a key task that needs to be prioritized and drastically implemented in the work program of the unit, thereby focusing on directing and allocating resources for effective implementation.

Along with that, tightening discipline and upholding the responsibilities, especially the responsibilities of leaders in this task, ensuring the process of developing and promulgation of legal documents complying with the provisions of law, thoroughly overcoming delay in the promulgation of legal documents; pay attention to monitoring, urging and reporting on the situation and results of the drafting of legal documents. In case of delay, lateness or failure to complete the task, the objective and subjective reasons must be clearly assessed.

It is that requested to stick to the Party's guidelines, taking practice as a measure when proposing, building and perfecting the institution. Regarding to the law projects, resolutions of the National Assembly, ordinances and resolutions of the Standing Committee of National Assembly, and legal documents with important, complex and sensitive contents, it needs to promptly seek the opinions and direction of party civil affairs committee.

At the same time, the formulation and perfection of legal institutions must perform well at each stage and give the highest priority to quality but it must ensure the requirements on the construction time limit; strengthen the review and checking of legal documents and fulfill law enforcement; anti-negative right in the law-making work, avoiding to be influenced by the unhealthy behavior of any organization or individual, avoiding the situation of integrating the "interest group" in legal documents.

Focusing on dialogue with people and businesses

Giving directives on solutions for the formulation of legal documents, the party civil affairs committee of the Ministry of Finance requested that the proposal must be placed in the overall legal system, ensuring consistency, synchronism, feasibility, publicity, transparency and stability, while being easy to access with low compliance cost, in line with international practices and international treaties to which Vietnam is a member. At the same time, it is necessary to timely, fully and synchronously institutionalize the guidelines of the Party and stick to reality; renovation thinking to propose orientations for key policy.

Along with that, proactively review legal policies in the field of management to propose content to improve financial legal institutions; promptly solve problems on financial policies and laws based on reality, taking practice as a measure, fighting corruption, negativity, and interest groups when reviewing and building institutions.

Notably, the Directive emphasizes that all financial policies and laws must be oriented towards people and businesses so that people and businesses can bring into full play their internal resources and ability to contribute to the development of the country.

The Ministry of Finance determined that it was necessary to prioritize scientific research tasks in order to assess the situation, practical requirements, scientific basis for proposing innovation directions and the consequences of policies on the economy based on regularly updated economic data to evaluate the effectiveness of the policy.

It is also necessary to promote coordination with relevant agencies, organizations and individuals in the building and perfecting financial legal institutions; focus on collecting opinions of experts, scientists and people from all walks of life, but the collection must be selective as well as selecting international opinions and experiences suitable to Vietnam's circumstances. Furthermore, promote the method of the Appraisal Advisory Council to promote collective intelligence, and mobilize the participation of experts, scientists, internal and external units of the Ministry.

The party civil affairs committee of the Ministry of Finance stated that it was necessary to promote the development of information systems and legal dissemination and education and to provide legal support for businesses. Law dissemination activities must be implemented comprehensively and synchronously with forms that are appropriate to the characteristics of the financial industry and the needs of each target group. Strengthening the review of legal documents as well as the inspection and supervision of the organization of law enforcement; focusing on dialogue with people and businesses about problems and inadequacies in the implementation of policies and laws; detecting and handling strictly, promptly, resolutely and thoroughly violations of the law.

Furthermore, when implementing the tasks of international financial law, the assigned units must well implement the coordination mechanism in order to share information and experience in international negotiations and dispute settlement in international investment and commercial appeal cases.

By Hoài Anh/Thanh Thuy