December 08, 2022 12:41

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Fake fertilizer is rife

14:21 | 21/06/2022

VCN - The source of imported fertilizer has been interrupted, causing fertilizer prices to continuously increase. Many people have produced and traded fertilizers of unknown origin and poor quality to the market for consumption, causing damage to consumers, especially farmers.

Policy recommendations to ensure competition in fertilizer sector Policy recommendations to ensure competition in fertilizer sector
Fertilizer enterprises keep inheriting the opportunity to benefit Fertilizer enterprises keep inheriting the opportunity to benefit
Exhibits of 10 tons of fake fertilizer seized by An Giang authorities.
Exhibits of 10 tons of fake fertilizer seized by An Giang authorities.

Detecting and handling many violations

A representative from the An Giang Market Management Department said that related to the field of fertilizers, violations were mainly the trading in fertilizers and pesticides of unknown origin, counterfeiting of trademarks, and poor quality in the province in recent years.

In the first five months of 2022, through the implementation of inspections, An Giang Market Management Department discovered nearly 30 cases of selling fake fertilizers; without a certificate of eligibility to trade in fertilizers, plant protection drugs, veterinary drugs, not listing prices of goods and violating goods labels.

The Market Management Team No. 5, Market Management Department, in collaboration with the provincial inter-sectoral anti-smuggling force, discovered that a car was transporting 200 bags (weighing 50kg per bag) of compound fertilizer in the area of ​​Vinh Xuong commune, Tan Chau town. The total value of goods was more than VND132 million. At the time of inspection, the driver presented an invoice of P.N. Trading Co., Ltd.

The market management force temporarily seized and took samples for quality testing. Test results for 200 bags of fertilizer showed that six samples of fertilizer did not conform to the National Technical Regulations on quality and two samples were fake. All of the above fertilizers were produced at a company with an address at Loi Binh Nhon industrial cluster, Loi Binh Nhon commune, Tan An city, Long An province, distributed by P.N Trading Company Limited. The case is currently under investigation.

In Tay Ninh, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tay Ninh province said that in the first quarter, through the inspection of 37 production and business establishments, it was discovered that five establishments violated the trading of fertilizer products (with incorrect labelling, insufficient information required to be inscribed on goods labels; and expiry date) and fertilizer production without a certificate of eligibility for fertilizer production/license for fertilizer production; three establishments violated the trading of expired pesticides.

Through sampling, the functional forces discovered 25 of 75 samples of fertilizer violating quality (12 fake samples, 13 samples of poor quality); 5 of 40 samples of plant protection drugs were not of good quality.

In Tien Giang, at the end of May, the authorities issued an administrative fine of more than VND130 million for two individuals who violated the trade in 8 tons of fake fertilizer for using value, utility; no decision to recognize fertilizers circulating in Vietnam.

In April, in this locality, the market management force also checked and discovered many fertilizers production and trading establishments that did not meet quality standards.

Consumers need to be protected

On June 8, the Investigation Police Agency of Dak Lak Provincial Police Department said the unit had arrested Mr. H.T.D (born in 1975, permanent resident of village 3, Hoa Thuan commune, Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province, current residence in Tan An ward, Buon Ma Thuot city).

According to initial information, the authorities discovered Mr. D uses raw materials of unknown origin to produce fertilizers with fake origin, volume of more than 100 tons with a total value of over VND1.5 billion. Acts showing signs of crime "Production and sale of fake fertilizers" specified in Article 195 of the Penal Code.

Authorities have seized over 100 tons of suspected fake fertilizer and 30 tons of raw materials of unknown origin to continue to expand the investigation and handle it in accordance with the law.

Statistics of the Vietnam Fertilizer Association show that each year, farmers use about 11-12 million tons of fertilizers of all kinds. Meanwhile, the production and trading of fake fertilizers and fertilizers of poor quality is becoming more and more complicated, not only causing a loss of tax revenue for the State, but negatively affecting the development of production and circulation of goods, as well as the business investment environment, legitimate interests and competitiveness of genuine producers, but also causing damage for farmers.

The agricultural industry alone loses US$2.5 billion each year due to the use of fake and poor-quality fertilizers. It is worth mentioning that there are fertilizer distribution agents who have abetted fake fertilizers and poor-quality plant treasures in order to gain illicit profits.

Although the functional forces have strengthened measures to inspect, detect and strictly handle violations, it is forecast that the violations in fertilizer production and business remains a problem.

Supervision of the market for fertilizers and pesticides will be strengthened in order to promptly detect and prevent acts of commercial fraud, counterfeit goods, and poor-quality goods. Simultaneously, carry out propaganda and dissemination of the law for business organizations and individuals to comply with regulations on trading in fertilizers and plant protection drugs.

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Authorities also recommend that people should buy agricultural products with specific origins, clear invoices and documents.

By Thu Hoa - Thu Diu/ Binh Minh