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Collect more than $US 10 billion from exporting phones

10:19 | 23/03/2018

VCN – The result of exportation in the early months of 2018 continues to increase sharply by 2 digits, stepping up the estimation and assigned target of 2018.

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Export activities are experiencing strong growth in the first months of the year. Photo: T.Bình.

After the 2018 Lunar New Year holidays, the production and export activities have returned to their normal orbit with impressive results, according to the information released by the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Particularly, in the first half of March (from 1/3 - 15/3), the total value of export turnover reached nearly $US 9.96 billion, an increase of nearly $US 5 billion compared with the second half of last month.

The above results bring the export back to orbit with a stable average turnover of less than $US 10 billion per half a month.

Notably, the main groups of goods with high growth rates, continue to increase rapidly the export turnover for the whole country.

As of March 15, phones and components became the first exports to reach over $US 10 billion (achieved $US 10.045 billion), increased by 68 percent compared to the same period last year.

Apart from telephones, on 15/3, there were 7 other groups with the turnover of $US 1 billion or more, such as textiles, garments and footwear; computers, electronic products, components, devices.

The number of "billion dollars" commodity groups have not changed from the same period of 2017, but the increase from the major export items is huge. Besides telephones, computers and electronic products increased by nearly $US 760 million; textiles increased nearly $US 700 million; Machinery and equipment increased nearly $US 600 million ...

By mid-March, the total export turnover of the country reached $US 44.425 billion, an increase of 26.5% over the same period of 2017.

Moreover, the foreign direct investment (FDI) accounted for 71.72%, which is equivalent to $US 31.864 billion of the total export turnover for the whole country. The share of FDI enterprises increased by 1.7 percentage points over the same period of 2017 (FDI enterprises accounted for 70.1% of total export turnover in the same period of 2017).

Compared with the target that was set in the socio-economic development plan in 2018 (passed by the National Assembly on 10/11/2017, at the fourth session), the export growth rate was much higher. Specifically, the export growth target was set at 7% to 8% , but it has increased by 26.5% in nearly 3 months.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy