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Vietnam strives to unleash potential of AI

20:28 | 12/09/2020

Whilst Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be considered a new yet promising concept in the nation, AI has been included in the list of high technologies that need to be prioritised for further development since 2014.

AI has been included in the list of high technologies that need to be prioritised for further development since 2014

This comes as Artificial Intelligence Day 2020 is being held virtually on September 12 and September 13 with the participation of global experts, all of whom will contribute valuable information and knowledge regarding AI to both the country and the wider world.

Practical application of AI in Vietnam

Since 2014, AI has been included in the nation’s list of high-tech development investment priorities. The Government has therefore assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment to develop a National Strategy on Industry 4.0, which identifies AI as one of the key breakthrough technologies which should be prioritised in order to focus on key groups that ultimately promote greater development. In light of this, several national projects have been approved with the aim of developing innovative technology ideas necessary for Vietnamese breakthroughs.

Furthermore, AI has also begun to be applied across multiple actual fields such as healthcare, education, agriculture, transportation, and e-commerce. Notable examples include a smart transportation system being used in Ho Chi Minh City, along with autonomous vehicles in the Ecopark urban area of Hanoi, along with a monitoring system ordered by the General Directorate of Road Transport that is able to track approximately 1 million passenger cars and transport business vehicles.

In relation to the medical field, the application of AI will serve to vastly improve the quality and efficiency of medical examination and treatment, overcome medical risks and incidents, whilst reducing the load of hospitals.

Moreover, AI can also be used in forest areas to record condition statistics with an accuracy of 80%, therefore actively supporting the development of forest databases and forest management map planning. Through the use of AI, response plans for forest protection are five times faster than those that use traditional methods.

Through the use of AI, the tourism industry will also be able to create many attractive new products. Technological application will allow travel agencies to reduce time, manpower, and production costs as a means of reducing service costs.

Moreover, greater investment is also being focused on infrastructure for AI research and applications such as the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park project which features a total investment capital of up to US$450 million. This will be a site used for hi-tech incubation, human resource training, production development, and the supply of hi-tech products and services.

Despite AI becoming an inevitable trend that has a huge potential, the development of this field domestically is currently facing numerous challenges, including limited human resources, data accuracy, and the ability of enterprises to access capital.

As a means of contributing to promoting AI development in the country, the VinAI Research Institute of Vingroup organised Artificial Intelligence Day 2020 from September 12 to September 13, with world-leading AI experts in attendance.

The event will cover four key themes, including AI development locally with a vision towards the future and potential challenges, AI in technical innovation in the fields of transportation, computers, and healthcare, AI training in the nation, and AI in natural language processing and Vietnamese speaking.

The event is designed to promote further AI research, innovation, and application, whilst contributing to solving challenges faced in socio-economic development.

The occasion will also see the participation of speakers and other famous Vietnamese AI experts who are working in the field around the world.

As an annual event, Vietnam AI Day is anticipated to become a platform for like-minded people to share ideas and exchange experience towards achieving the goal of launching additional research projects, AI-applied products, and technologies, therefore bringing great economic and social benefits to the nation.

It is thought that appropriate investment in the field of AI will bring the country fresh opportunities for breakthroughs in order to keep up with future needs.

Source: VOV