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The Government regulates the amount of registration fees

13:44 | 17/10/2016

VCN - The Government has issued Decree 140/2016/ND-CP on registration fees, which stipulates the basis for calculating the registration fee, the price and rates in percentage (%).

the government regulates the amount of registration fees
Government regulating the amount of registration fee at the rate (%). Source: Internet

Accordingly, the Government stipulated prices for calculating registration fees for housing and land prices issued by the local People's Committee in provinces in accordance with the law at the time of declaration, except for State-owned houses, and houses bought by auction.

The Price for calculating other assets are defined as property transfer prices on market practice. Unless the property has been used, the price is calculated based on the time of use and residual value of the property.

Regarding this issue, the Ministry of Finance will issue a price list for calculating registration fees according to the provisions and application forms for the various asset classes.

In terms of the registration fee rate (%), the Decree stipulated the housing and land fee rate is 0.5%; shotguns and rifles for training, sports competitions is 2%; ships, barges, boats, tugboats, push boats, boats, yachts, aircraft charge rate is 1%.

Additionally, the motorcycles fee is 2%. In particular, organizations’ motorcycles and individuals in cities under central authority, provincial cities and towns where the provincial People's Committees are headquartered have to pay the registration fee for the first time at 5%; for motorcycle registration fee for the 2nd time onwards a rate of 1% will apply. In the case where property owners have declared and paid the registration fee for motorcycles is 2%, then transferred to organizations and individuals in the areas defined above, the registration fee is paid at the rate of 5% . Cars, trailers or semi-trailers pulled by cars and similar vehicles the rate is 2%.

Especially, passenger cars that have 9 seats or less need to pay the registration fee for the first time with a rate of 10%. In the case where it is necessary to apply a higher fee to suit the actual conditions in each locality, the People's Councils of provinces and cities under central authority have decided to increase the fee but not exceed the maximum of 50% of the general regulations .

Cars have 9 seats or less pay the registration fee from the 2nd onwards at a rate of 2% and applied uniformly across the country.

Based on the record of the quality certificates of technical safety and environmental protection by the registry offices of Vietnam, tax agencies shall set the registration fee for cars, trailers or semi-trailers pulled by cars and similar vehicles as prescribed.

For shells and chassis, and replacement engine components, owners must register with the State agencies, and the competent authorities, the fee shall be equal to the corresponding registration fee of each type of asset.

The fees for regulated property are controlled at the maximum of 500 million/assets/time for registration fee, except passenger cars that have 9 seats or less, aircraft and yachts.

Besides the above provisions, the Decree also specifies the cases to be debited, as well as the declaration regime, collection, payment and management of the registration fee.

The regulations will be guided by the Ministry of Finance. Also, the Decree will be valid from 1-1-2017.

By H.Dịu/Thanh Thuy