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Seizing a shipment of wine labelled with an image violating national sovereignty

12:34 | 11/09/2020

VCN – A representative of Lang Son Customs Department told Customs News that Chi Ma Customs Branch has temporarily seized a wine shipment that implemented import procedures at Chi Ma border gate due to a labelling image violating national sovereignty.

When receiving dossiers of Tuan Phuong Import Export Trading Co., Ltd (Tuan Phuong Company) declared to import wine with an alcohol content of 15-16.2 degrees made in China, the quantity was 200 barrels, each carton has 12 bottles of 600ml per bottle.

According to regulations, wine is not allowed to implement customs procedures at Chi Ma Customs Branch. It is only allowed to carry out import procedures via the international border gates, so Chi Ma Border Customs Branch requested Tuan Phuong company to stop doing procedures.

Customs force inspected the shipment. Photo: Công Thành

However, Tuan Phuong Company sent a request document to continue implementing customs procedures and conduct a physical inspection. Tuan Phuong Company said the imported wine was only used for food processing.

The shipment labelled the image violating national sovereignty. Photo: H.Nụ

Facing this problem, Chi Ma Customs Branch conducted a physical inspection and found the shipment had signs of violation of the packaging and labels on the goods violating national sovereignty.

The image on wine bottle showed Paracel islands and Spratly islands of Vietnam. Photo: H.Nụ

After that, Chi Ma Customs Branch sent a sample for requesting specialised inspection, at the Department of Survey, Mapping and Geographic Information of Vietnam (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment). In early July, the Department of Survey, Mapping and Geographic Information of Vietnam returned the inspection results and said that there was an image of a map of China that included Paracel islands and Spratly islands belong to Vietnam on the packaging and the label of the wine bottle.

Lang Son Customs Department also sent a report to the General Department of Vietnam Customs for guidance on handling the case and is currently sealing the exhibits awaiting handling in accordance with regulations.

By Tuấn Kiệt/Thanh Thuy