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Promote national drug bidding

09:15 | 01/07/2018

VCN- Recently, the Steering Committee for Price Management has issued a Notice No. 403 / TB-BCĐHHG announcing the conclusions of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue - Head of Steering Committee for price control at the Steering Committee's meeting on price control on 29 May 2018.

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promote national drug bidding
Illustrative photo.

Closed to forecast

According to the Steering Committee for price control, in the first 5 months of 2018, ministries, sectors and localities continued to make great efforts in price control to control inflation. Consumer price index (CPI) in May 2018 increased by 1.61% compared with December 2017, an increase of 3.01% on average in the first 5 months of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017 .

The movement of CPI in the first 5 months of the year showed that the price level basically fluctuated closely with the forecast scenario. The factors causing the price increase in the last two months mainly stemmed from price fluctuations of essential goods in the domestic market and in the world, while there are no new price increases from the government's price controls.

From now until the end of 2018, despite price manipulation, inflation control will continue to be under pressure as prices of some commodities in the world market are forecasted to continue to increase through import-export, but the Government is determined to control the rate of increase of the average consumer price index below 4% set by the National Assembly.

On the basis of agreed price scenarios, ministries and localities should continue to implement the price management measures set out at the beginning of the year in Notice No. 259 / TB-BCD for price control on the management of monetary and fiscal policies and price management of essential goods to review, and finalize legal documents in the field of specialized price management. At the same time, accelerate the implementation of the following tasks:

Keep price levels of commodities priced by the State in June 2018. Continue to review to speed up the price reduction of items likely to reduce prices (such as medical services, medicines for people, medical supplies, services for using BOT roads). For commodities with high market prices such as petrol, food and pork, it is necessary to take initiatives in reviewing and balancing the supply and demand, use the price stabilization fund to stabilize market; and focus on publicity, transparency and price information to control expected inflation.

Not to raise electricity prices this year

The conclusions also mentioned some specific requirements of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Specifically, for agricultural products, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shall update information to review and capture the status of the number of pigs and the ability to supply pigs in the region. From now to the end of 2018, report to the Steering Committee for price control in order to take the initiatives in coordinating and avoiding the case of local shortage which pushes prices upward to ensure comprehensive and accurate information.

Continue stepping up the negotiation and expansion of export markets for agricultural commodities by stepping up processing. There are solutions to promote consumption of sugar to avoid the situation of too much stock. Raise the value of Vietnam's export rice and orient the raising of high-quality rice in the export rice structure.

As for petrol and oil, the Ministry of Industry and Trade shall assume the prime responsibility to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance in managing domestic petrol and oil prices according to regulations on price stabilization and take the initiatives in responding to scenarios to create favorable conditions for controlling the price for the year.

As for electrical goods, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will review the input costs to regulate electricity prices in line with the general price control scenario in 2018, thoroughly reducing the cost so that electricity prices are not adjusted this year.

As for medicines and medical supplies, the Ministry of Health shall intensify the bidding for national drug concentration under the guidance in Notification No. 145 / TB-VPCP announcing the conclusion of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue at the meeting with the Ministry of Health.

With regard to education services, the Ministry of Education and Training will soon amend the Circular No. 55/2011 / TT-BGDDT on promulgating the Regulation on the Representative Board of Parents of Pupils, overcoming the basic situation of over-collection of other expenses in the schools. Study the mechanism of management, actively collect information and control the level and timing of raising the educational service prices.

For construction materials and real estate, the Ministry of Construction shall closely monitor the prices of construction materials and the real estate market, proactively propose measures to stabilize the market.

With regard to the market for land use rights, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment shall closely monitor the supply and demand situation, market prices of land use rights in big cities, actively propose measures to stabilize the market when abnormal fluctuations occur.

promote national drug bidding The drug was constantly caught through the air

VCN- A series of illegal transportation of drugs through express couriers and air routes at Tan Son ...

The ministries and sectors shall continue to actively monitor the price management of goods in charge of localities and propose appropriate measures to control prices, synthesize reports according to the direction of the Deputy Prime Minister - Head of the Steering Committee for price control in this notice and send to the Ministry of Finance to synthesize them in the official letter and email:, to prepare the report for the meeting of the Board Price Management according to current regulations.

By Hong Van/ Hoang Anh