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President Tran Dai Quang’s death receives wide coverage on world media

16:38 | 22/09/2018

International media worldwide have published news on the death of President of Vietnam Tran Dai Quang and highlighted his contribution to Vietnam’s development.

president tran dai quangs death receives wide coverage on world media

In Cuba, official media such as Granma newspaper, Prensa Latina news agency, State-owned news agency ACN, Juventud Rebelde newspaper and Cubadebate all reported the death of the Vietnamese President. They stressed the warm sentiment of the late President for Cuba, recalling that Quang was the last foreign leader to meet with late Cuban leader Fidel Castro in November 2016, not long before Fidel passed away.

The Granma said the death of President Quang is a great loss to the Government and people of Cuba, considering what he had done for the friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Prensa Latina quoted Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Lianys Torres as saying that President Quang is a great friend of Cuba who had worked to promote the fraternal ties between the two nations.

In the afternoon of September 21, the death of the Vietnamese President also received wide coverage by Japanese media. Major agencies such as the NHK, Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi, Nikkei, Asia Nikkei Review, Japan News and Japan Times carried the President’s biology, mentioning the key positions that Quang has held since 1975.

Kyodo News noted that President Quang had worked to deepen ties between Vietnam and the US, recalling the talks between him and then US President Barack Obama in May 2016 in Hanoi.

The mass media in Italy reported on the death of the Vietnamese President on September 21 and expressed sympathy to Vietnam. The news was also published by major foreign news agencies, such as Xinhua of China, AFP of France and Reuters of the UK.

The media quoted the UK Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward and US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritnbrink as expressing their grief over the death of the Vietnamese leader and sympathy to his family and the Vietnamese people.

Source: VNA