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PM Phuc applauds foreign NGOs" contributions to national development

17:41 | 06/07/2018

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc hailed foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs)’ contributions to Vietnam’s development and international integration at a conference held in Hanoi on July 5 by the Committee for Foreign Non-Governmental Organization Affairs (COMINGO)

pm phuc applauds foreign ngos contributions to national development

Vietnam has established relations with over 1,000 foreign NGOs, half of which have permanent operations in Vietnam. Foreign NGOs annually support about 3,000 programs, projects and provide aid for Vietnam with the value of disbursed aid over the past 20 years reaching more than US$ 4.3 billion in non-refundable aid. This is an important resource for the country to deal with socio-economic difficulties, especially in poverty production and sustainable growth.

These organization have assisted Vietnamese ministries, organisations, and localities to access hands-on experience and skills.

In his speech, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized that the Party and State define the work of foreign NGOs as an indispensable part of the people-to-people diplomacy and praised the role of NGOs in promoting Vietnam’s achievements, and making contributions to preventing and rebutting misleading information and allegations against the country.

The government leader urged the Committee and localities to effectively respond to the Party guidelines on foreign NGO affairs.

pm phuc applauds foreign ngos contributions to national development

PM Phuc gives a speech at a conference reviewing foreign NGOs’ activities in Vietnam over the past 20 years.

“Ministries, sectors and localities should consider foreign NGO affairs an important task in promoting people-to-people diplomacy and Vietnam’s diplomatic activities in general. Programs and projects undertaken by foreign NGOs should take economic, security and diplomatic concerns into account,” he said.

NGOs’ activities have been carried out in many areas where Vietnam has demand for cooperation such as health care, education, economic development, social affairs, natural resources and environment protection, which has helped solve some urgent problems of people living in disadvantaged areas and improve the capacity of cadres and people in project beneficiary areas.

The PM also asked the Committee to strengthen cooperation with foreign NGOs to serve socio-economic development, propose innovative methods and forms of cooperation with foreign NGOs to submit to the Government and the Prime Minister for approval as part of the national program on cooperation with foreign NGOs in the coming period.

Source: VNA