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Lang Son: Urgently verify and handle cases of swapping the order of exported cars

10:44 | 07/03/2022

VCN - The People's Committee of Lang Son province requested the Lang Son Provincial Police to chair and coordinate with competent authorities in the area to urgently verify, clarify and strictly handle the case of swapping orders of export vehicles at Tan Thanh border gate.

Accordingly, in document No. 766/VP-KT sent to Lang Son Police, the Provincial People's Committee clearly stated that, through the reports of the forces and the reports of the press agencies about the vehicle swapping of trucks carrying goods for export at Tan Thanh border gate, on February 21, 2022, the Office of the Provincial People's Committee issued Official Letter No. 610/VP-KT informing the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee to assign Lang Son Customs Department to chair and coordinate with relevant agencies to inspect, verify and clarify the reported issues mentioned above.

Truck transporting goods are waiting for clearance at Bao Nguyen parking lot. Photo: H.Nụ
Truck transporting goods are waiting for clearance at Bao Nguyen parking lot. Photo: H.Nụ

Accordingly, performing the task assigned by the Provincial People's Committee, Lang Son Customs Department and the Lang Son Border Guard Command have inspected, verified and reported to the Provincial People's Committee on the initial results.

In order to speed up the verification process and completely handle the above case, Mrs. Doan Thu Ha, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, has assigned the Provincial Police to coordinate with relevant authorities to urgently check, verify and clarify the case and strictly handle the organizations and individuals in accordance with the regulations. Then report the results to the Provincial People's Committee to handle issues as stated in Document No. 766 /VP-KT.

According to the verification results of Lang Son Customs, on the afternoon of February 17, Tan Thanh Customs discovered a tractor truck towing a trailer under customs declaration number. No. 304541817000/B11 dated February 17 registered by Mr. Dinh Van Hue, residing in Tan Thanh commune, Van Lang district, Lang Son, to carry out procedures at Tan Thanh Customs Branch with goods declared as fresh jackfruit, the quantity of goods was 22 tons. It showed signs of exchanging vehicles, swapping the order of trucks carrying export goods.

On January 31, the truck registered at Bao Nguyen yard and performed customs procedures for fruit (the container was determined to be empty).

On February 16, a truck carried jackfruit into Bao Nguyen beach. During this time, the two vehicles exchanged containers and trailers so that on February 17, a truck went through customs clearance procedures, carrying the other container.

According to the People's Committee of Lang Son province, there have been phenomena of selling "numerical order" with price VND200 to 300 million/truck; then illegally swapping the order. Leaders of Lang Son province said it was necessary to prevent and handle them strictly and fairly.

By Nụ Bùi/Thanh Thuy