September 22, 2021 14:47

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It must turn determination into practical action

13:46 | 26/07/2021

VCN - Speaking with Customs News, Prof. Nguyen Quang Thai, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Economic Sciences and Director of the Vietnam Development Research Institute, said that the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress set out timely and appropriate goals and tasks in line with the needs of the Party’s strategies for economic development and risk response. However, from the action plan to reality, it needs the consensus and determination of everyone, including the business community.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thai
Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thai

In your opinion, how do the policies on economic development in the Resolution of the 13th National Congress show the correctness and timeliness in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic?

The Resolution of the XIII Congress set out goals with five guiding points, 12 orientations, six tasks and three strategic breakthroughs with a long-term vision of 5, 10 and 25 years, based on the achievements of 35 years of “changes”, when Vietnam had an unprecedented opportunity, potential, position and international prestige.

In the 12 orientations of the Strategy 2021-2030, the Resolution states that the first orientation is "Continuing to strongly renew thinking, build and complete the institution for sustainable development in economy and politics, culture, society, environment, promptly remove difficulties and obstacles; arouse all potential and resources, create new impetus for the rapid and sustainable development of the country”.

The resolution also states: "Actively and effectively adapting to climate change, preventing, combating and mitigating natural disasters and pandemics...".

Therefore, when facing the risks of natural disasters, pandemics, and the international environment, the leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam have appropriate actions. When formulating a vaccine strategy, the country's top leaders and the diplomatic sector battled to find a diverse supply of vaccines, and quickly implemented a safe vaccination strategy for the whole population, striving to reach the threshold of herd immunity as soon as possible, thereby realizing the "dual goal" – pandemic prevention and economic development – flexibly, proactively preventing risks from afar, which has been highly appreciated by the international community.

The Resolution also emphasized the development of the digital economy and digital transformation, how do you comment on the applicability and change of enterprises in the spirit of the Resolution?

Regarding the development of the digital economy and digital transformation, the Resolution of the XIII Congress stated the orientation: “Promoting national digital transformation, developing the digital economy on the basis of science and technology, and innovation; improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy, harmoniously and effectively connect domestic and international markets. As we all see, even during the pandemic, many digital economy applications have been opened in goods supply, agricultural and industrial development, etc., helping to connect with domestic and foreign markets.”

However, when assessing the prospects of the digital economy in general for the country and businesses, it is necessary to distinguish three levels of the digital economy. The narrow digital economy is only concerned with information technology and telecommunications ICT, including production and services.

The expanded digital economy is about the application of information technology and telecommunications. Digital economy in the broadest sense, it is a revolution where all people participate in many forms of digital technology start-ups, popularizing digital technology, thereby helping Vietnam digitize the economy very quickly.

According to some statistics, the digital economy in Vietnam currently accounts for up to US$10 billion. It is hoped that by 2025, it can reach US$50 billion. The scale of the economy with the expansion of the range also makes GDP grow very quickly. Therefore, it is a huge task in order for the digital economy to develop at a rate of 10-20% of GDP according to the Resolution, requiring businesses to have a methodical approach. In this task, state management agencies must actively carry out administrative reform and serve the State. The methods of B2B (business-to-business relations), B2C (business-to-consumer relations), B2G (business-to-public relations) methods need to be expanded.

The Government has a Resolution, the Party Committee of the Central Business Sector and many other units have also developed an action plan to implement the Resolution of the XIII Congress, what do you think about these action programs?

The Government's action plan clearly shows the main contents and tasks to concretize the views, directions, orientations and related contents of the Resolution of the XIII Congress within the functions, tasks and powers of the Government, ensuring it is suitable with the domestic and international situation and meeting the development requirements of the country.

This is an important basis for ministries, branches, agencies directly under the Central Government and local authorities at all levels to concretize the development of action plans of each unit.

However, these agencies must organize the implementation of drastic, synchronous and effective implementation, make the best efforts to contribute to the successful implementation of the national development goals and tasks set out according to the Resolution of the XIII Congress.

Everyone knows that, from the Party's determination, the Government's action plan or the Party organization's action plan in enterprises are still plans. The problem is organizing the implementation of these plans, making them a daily action of the entire people and of all economic sectors.

At that time, the will of the Party and the people's hearts become unified. The role of mass organizations, including the Fatherland Front is very important. Along with that, business leaders must understand and grasp the action plans to set out long-term and suitable strategies of production–business.

Thank you Sir!

By Huongdiu (recorded)/Quynhlan