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Integrating National Online Public Service Portal with National Single Window Portal in 2020

10:42 | 14/07/2020

VCN - The Government Office has sent a document to convey the Prime Minister's opinion on requesting ministries and sectors promote the establishment of the National Online Public Service Portal’s use.

integrating national online public service portal with national single window portal in 2020
The Prime Minister requested to promote the application of the National Online Public Service Portal. Source: Internet

The Prime Minister requested ministries and sectors speed up the provision of public service groups, interconnected administrative procedures, optimise professional processes and reduce administrative procedures to facilitate businesses in the implementation.

Communication and enhancing capacity building for officials and employees who deal with administrative procedures and operate online systems to create the transition of State administrative authorities in their relationship with people and enterprises.

The Ministry of Public Security (Traffic Police Department) worked with the Government Office to research restructuring the process of sanctioning road traffic violation completely by online, firstly implement the decision for the issuance of electronic sanction; providing services of sanctioning administrative violations under competence of division and team level at the Traffic Police Department and 63 provinces and cities on the National Online Public Service Portal in July as complied with the PM’s directives.

The Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs coordinated with the Vietnam Social Insurance and the Government Office to provide services about declarations on the situation of using employment in connection with procedures for registration and adjustment of social insurance payment, health insurance, unemployment insurance and connection to the National Online Public Service Portal in September.

Vietnam Social Insurance also integrated and provided two public services, namely continue paying voluntary social insurance and extending health insurance cards for households and connected to National Online Public Service Portal in July.

The Prime Minister requested the Government Office work with the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group, ministries, sectors and localities to continue developing the national online public service portal and online public services towards improving user-friendly features and functions; enhance sharing and exchanging data between systems to cut time and costs for people and businesses when carrying out online public services.

The agency also worked with the Ministry of Finance to implement the integration of the National Online Public Service Portal with the National Single Window Portal in 2020.

The Advisory Council on Reforming Administrative Procedures of the Prime Minister has researched, proposed initiatives to reform, improve and promote the National Online Public Service Portal among the business community, especially small and medium enterprises, individual business households for using online public services; proposed solutions to promote digital transformation in the production and business activities of enterprises.

By Hương Dịu/Thanh Thuy