September 28, 2021 14:52

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Ensuring smooth budget flow during lockdown

08:40 | 15/09/2021

VCN - Thanks to the online public service of the State Treasury, accountants at budget-using units, even "staying in one place" to fight the pandemic, they still fulfil their duties. At the same time, the Treasury system also maintains smooth operations despite the unpredictable developments of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Ensuring smooth budget flow during lockdown
The State Treasury strengthens the control of records and documents, preventing any backlog of payment records for no reason. Photo: Ha Giang State Treasury

Don't let work be at a standstill

Since the beginning of the year, the State Treasury system has continued to reform administrative procedures to better serve budget-using units.

Up to now, more than 98% of state budget expenditure transactions have been made through online public services, a sharp increase compared to the beginning of 2020. On average, there are about 150,000 transactions per day, 200,000 transactions on peak days, thereby, improving the efficiency of spending control and use of state budget capital, contributing to the whole country in preventing and repelling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the convenience of online public services, the entire State Treasury system has paid the budget to beneficiaries, even during a strong outbreak of the pandemic, especially in localities where social distancing is required under Directive 15 and Directive 16 of the Prime Minister.

Hanoi State Treasury is one of the units allowed to operate while Hanoi applies lockdowns according to Directive 16.

To realize the "dual goal" of both disease prevention and fulfilment of tasks, the Hanoi State Treasury has requested affiliated units in the pandemic-affected area to arrange a minimum number of civil servants at the office to work as usual. Other units arrange civil servants to work from home for backup when necessary but not to obstruct the work.

For all transactions to be performed smoothly when travel is restricted, the Hanoi State Treasury requires the affiliated Treasuries to promote transactions on online public services because of the convenience and safety of this solution.

Currently, 100% of payment transactions of 6,850 budget-using units through the Hanoi State Treasury have been carried out via online public services. In addition, there are 221 non-compulsory units, but through propaganda and advocacy, have also participated in making payments through online public services.

Thanks to online public services, not only in Hanoi but also all localities across the country, accountants of budget-using units only need to sit at home to push dossiers and documents to the online public service at any time of the day to pay the Treasury without having to travel. Therefore, they still fulfil their duties even when staying in one place according to the local direction to fight the pandemic. At this time, the State Treasury also strengthened the direction of the State Treasury units to control the records and documents as soon as the budget-using units and investors send them, so as not to leave any payment records behind without reason.

Continuing to upgrade the system

Looking back at 2020, the success in online public service coverage not only at the provincial and city levels but also at the district and commune levels was a prominent mark of the State Treasury system.

Overcoming many difficulties, online public services have been deployed by the State Treasury according to the roadmap set out with the goal of "all for customers". From the end of 2020, the State Treasury system has completed connecting 100% of state budget-funding entities subject to online public service transactions at level 4; the rate of transactions of state budget spending through online public services reached 98%.

According to the evaluation of many budget-using units, participating in online public services through the Treasury has brought many benefits such as: saving travel time, reducing operating costs (stationery, printing). In addition, signing for approval and sending documents to the State Treasury with a digital signature is a measure to ensure safety and security in online transactions, against forging signatures and seals for budget-using units.

Above all, the role and meaning of online public services is clear when the country experiences risks of the pandemic and natural disasters. For example, when the Central region suffered floods in July 2020, the budget expenditure, especially the payment of social security expenditures, storm and flood prevention in the provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Quang Binh and Quang Tri were still smooth and fast thanks to the great contribution of online public services. At this time, online public services have proven an important role in ensuring the stable and smooth operation of the Treasury system when the country experiences unprecedented events due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Up to now, although many provinces and cities are strictly implementing the Government's direction of "staying in one place" to prevent the disease from spreading on a large scale, the budget flow is not at a standstill. Budget expenditures, social security expenditures, and expenses for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic are always ensured by State Treasury units across the country without delay.

By Thuy Linh/ Binh Minh