December 09, 2021 04:18

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99.5% of budget expenditure vouchers are made on the online public service of the Treasury

18:00 | 16/10/2021

VCN - Currently, the number of monthly transactions of state budget expenditure vouchers on the State Treasury's online public service system has reached 99.5% or more.

Photo: Thùy Linh
Photo: Thùy Linh

On the basis of the PAR Plan of the Ministry of Finance in 2021, the State Treasury has issued the PAR Plan 2021 of the State Treasury system.

Accordingly, the State Treasury continues to effectively implement the single window, one-teller model; formulating methods to continue to rearrange and streamline the organizational apparatus; completed building and converted to apply the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015; develop a regulation to assess the level of satisfaction of individuals and organizations with the service of the State Treasury.

Currently, the State Treasury is also coordinating with VNPT and Vietinbank to pilot the automated payment of electricity, water and telecommunications services as authorized by the budget user.

At the same time, the State Treasury also upgraded and expanded the online public service system, adding two public services (collation and confirmation of account balance of the unit making transactions at the State Treasury and controlling the commitment of state budget expenditure through the State Treasury).

According to the State Treasury, the implementation of online public services in recent years has been actively carried out and achieved good results. Specifically, up to now, besides two administrative procedures for state budget collection, which are using the collection services of banks and the collection portals of the tax authorities, the Customs and State Treasury have provided seven out of nine procedures to perform online public services at level 4 and completed the integration into the National Public Service Portal, achieving 77.8% of the procedures (47.8% higher than the plan assigned by the Prime Minister).

Through the online public service system, budget users can transact with the State Treasury 24/7 (including weekends/holidays) at any location with an internet connection. It reduces travel time and operating costs for units, makes the process of handling documents and state budget expenditures more public and transparent, and contributes to modernizing the control of state budget expenditures. It is the premise to implement the electronic expenditure control process of the State Treasury.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy