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360,117 billion VND has been allocated to the public investment plan in 2019

09:26 | 01/06/2019

VCN - According to Report No. 3163 / BC-BKHĐT dated May 15, 2019 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the reform of the method of making, assigning and monitoring public investment plans in the form of an online website on investment using state capital, helps to deliver the plan quickly and conveniently, ensuring progress and creating publicity and transparency of public investment activities.

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The remaining public investment in 2019 has not yet reached the plan of 69,182 billion VND. Photo: Internet.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam has just issued the report No. 3163 / BC-BKHĐT on the implementation of Resolution No. 113/2015 / QH13 of the XIII National Assembly and Resolutions of the National Assembly on questions arising at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sessions of the XIV National Assembly.

According to the Report, state budget investment plan allocation in the first 4 months of 2019, the Prime Minister issued Decisions to assign the plan of state budget investment in 2019 to ministries, branches and localities with a total capital of 360,117 billion VND.

In which, domestic capital is 331,479 billion dong, foreign capital is 28,637 billion dong. Until now, the remaining unallocated budget is 69,182 billion VND because the projects have not reached the required capital allocation conditions yet.

The allocation of the state budget investment plan in 2019 is carried out in accordance with the allocation principles prescribed in the National Assembly's Resolutions. The ministries, branches and localities have implemented the allocation of capital investment plans in 2019 according to the resolutions of the National Assembly, the decision assign plans of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Planning and Investment.

In the allocation plan of the ministries, branches and localities, ensuring the capital to pay at least 50% of the total debts of basic construction of the central budget for the period of 2016-2020 remains unpaid and least 30% of the advance capital from the central budget is expected to be recovered in period 2016-2020.

In addition, the plan for allocation and implementation of the plan for 2019 also has some shortcomings and limitations such as many ministries, branches and localities do not propose to allocate all the 2019 plans approved by the National Assembly.

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In addition, the Ministry of Transport has issued a written request to return some of its allocation to the central budget for the 2019 investment plan to adjust to other ministries, branches and localities. This shows that the planning of ministries, branches and localities is not close to the ability to strictly implement plans under the provisions of the law on public investment.

By Hoai Anh/ Phuong Thao