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Vietnam requests Malaysia verify fisherman’s killing in East Sea

15:36 | 18/08/2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam has requested that Malaysia investigate a recent clash between its coast guard vessel and two Vietnamese fishing boats in the East Sea, killing a Vietnamese fisherman.

vietnam requests malaysia verify fishermans killing in east sea

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang requests the Malaysian side to investigate the killing of a Vietnamese fisherman in the East Sea

The ministry heard about the news and asked the Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia to work with relevant agencies of Malaysia to investigate the case, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang told reporters on August 17.

Hang quoted Malaysia sources as saying the clash took place in the waters off Malaysia’s Kelantan coast on August 16 between the Malaysian coast guard vessel and two Vietnamese fishing boats. A Vietnamese fisherman was killed in the incident as a consequence.

The two Vietnamese fishing boats with other fishermen on board have been detained by the Malaysian side on a charge of illegal fishing in the Malaysian waters.

The Consular Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicated with the Malaysian Embassy in Hanoi, expressing deep concerns about this serious incident. It asked the Malaysian side to verify and investigate the case, strictly deal with staff that had killed the Vietnamese fishermen, and offer humane treatment to Vietnamese fishermen as well as their fishing vessels.

The ministry instructed the Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia to continue working with Malaysian authorities to provide specific information about the case, arrange consular visits to the fishermen, and take measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Vietnamese citizens.

Source: VOV