November 30, 2021 16:34

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The Ministry of Finance asks to review preventive measures of order blockage

09:45 | 29/07/2021

VCN - The Ministry of Finance has sent an official dispatch to the State Securities Commission requesting a review of preventive measures of order congestion.

Basically the phenomenon of order blockage has been fixed. Source: Internet
Basically the phenomenon of order blockage has been fixed. Source: Internet

According to the Ministry of Finance, from July 5, 2021, the new securities trading system at the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE) officially went into operation and received a lot of positive feedback from the business community and investors.

Order congestion has been basically solved, contributing to stabilising market sentiment, improving prestige and demonstrating the competence of the Ministry of Finance.

To strengthen the role of securities market management and administration, the Ministry of Finance requested the State Securities Commission to direct securities companies, especially those with large brokerage market shares, to report about its IT system infrastructure, ensuring a stable and smooth connection with HoSE's new trading system. At the same time, they must urgently review and overcome the shortcomings, as well as ensure the full operation of transaction features.

In addition, the ministry requested to review to ensure the operability of the new trading system, as soon as there is an official announcement allowing HoSE to receive new listing registration applications.

At the same time, create maximum conditions for businesses wishing to move their listings from the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) to HoSE, especially those affected by congestion at HoSE. Urgently report the application of minimum 10 shares lot trading to ensure the interests of investors.

The Ministry of Finance also requested to strengthen communication and dissemination to promptly announce policies in order to stabilise market sentiment and improve the prestige of Ministry of Finance.

By Hoài Anh/Thanh Thuy