November 30, 2021 15:38

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Priority given to export goods through Cat Lai port

20:03 | 14/08/2021

VCN - On August 10, at the webinar "Ensuring goods smoothly through the port" during the pandemic period organized by Saigon Newport Corporation, many problems of enterprises and shipping lines regarding the delivery of goods for import and export have been removed.

Expedite customs clearance at Cat Lai Port Expedite customs clearance at Cat Lai Port
From cargo congestion at Cat Lai port, what has Hai Phong Customs prepared? From cargo congestion at Cat Lai port, what has Hai Phong Customs prepared?
The Ministry of Finance works to solve the congestion of imported goods at Cat Lai port The Ministry of Finance works to solve the congestion of imported goods at Cat Lai port
Cargo transportation in and out of Cat Lai port. Photo: T.H
Cargo transportation in and out of Cat Lai port. Photo: T.H

Three plans for import and export goods arriving at ports

Updating and forecasting the operation of ports in the southern region in the context of the strong impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Truong Tan Loc, Marketing Director of Saigon Newport Corporation, said that the corporation took measures early and remotely to limit the impact of the disease on port operations.

Although the fluctuations of foreign ports have affected the port system in the South, the output growth is positive and very high. For Cai Mep port area increased by nearly 40%, HCMC port area grew by nearly 40%.

The pandemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces that have to apply social distancing measures under Directive 16 has affected port operations, the volume of customers exploiting goods decreased markedly from 8,880 to 8,144.

Forecasting import and export goods and port capacity in the last months of 2021, Mr. Truong Tan Loc said that Vietnam's import and export growth in the past 6-7 months has been positive, but now the growth momentum is slowing again. Despite the positive impact of the agreements, depending on Vietnam's pandemic control situation, it will affect import and export activities in the second half of the year.

Given three plans and specific solutions for import-export goods in the last months of the year, Saigon Newport Corporation said that in the first plan, if the pandemic is controlled by the end of the third quarter of 2021, cargo volume at HCMC ports in the last six months of the year increased by 5-7% compared to the first half of the year; Cai Mep port area increased by 17-19%. In plan 2, if the pandemic is controlled by the end of the fourth quarter, HCMC ports will grow by 3-5%; Cai Mep area increased by 15-17%. In the third plan, if the pandemic lasts until the middle of the fourth quarter, the volume of goods arriving at ports will be equivalent to the first six months of 2021.

In order to help businesses and shipping lines, Deputy General Director of Saigon Newport Corporation Tran Van Quy said with the implementation of solutions, along with sharing of the difficulties of port enterprises, customers and shipping lines; the Government, ministries, localities, directly Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, Vietnam Maritime Administration, Ministry of Transport, General Department of Customs, Import-Export Department - Ministry of Industry and Trade, has created the best conditions to support businesses in terms of mechanisms and policies to maintain, restore and develop production.

Currently, the inventory of imported goods is decreasing markedly, maintaining 80-85% of the yard capacity, the delivery and receipt of goods and the speed of ship release are guaranteed. Currently, Cat Lai port is operating normally, no longer capable of high inventory levels, putting pressure on production and no longer having the risk of disrupting port operations.

Many support services for packing rice for export

Answering enterprises' questions about the suspension of operations of the export rice yard at Cat Lai port, as well as imported goods, shipping lines that cancel or cut flights, Ms. Do Thu Huong, Deputy Director of Marketing, said that the activities of Cat Lai port and ports in the system are still normal and smooth. The receipt of goods, especially export items, is given priority.

“Particularly for the 125 rice packing wharves in Cat Lai port, it is temporarily closed to prevent the pandemic. When temporarily stopping this wharf, Saigon Newport Corporation has deployed rice packing services at other points, such as: ICD Tan Cang Nhon Trach, Thot Not, Cai Cui, Hiep Phuoc. Along with that, the unit provides rice packing services at customer's warehouses and transports products to Cat Lai for shipment. The volume of goods stored at warehouses accounts for more than 60% of rice exports. Currently, Tan Cang's water transport company is enhancing services for businesses," Ms. Do Thu Huong said.

Before shipping lines' concerns about overloading wharves and wharf operations in Cat Lai, Mr. Nguyen Van Quy explained, shipping lines enterprises actively adjust the amount of imported goods, and bridge and wharf operations are not under tension, all port operations are now normal and smooth. If the pandemic situation worsens, Saigon Newport has a plan to actively sign contracts with ports in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces to load and unload, and deliver to customers.

Also related to exports, Saigon Newport Corporation answered the problems of businesses specializing in buying bananas and exporting them to China in large quantities, but the shipping company announced that many ships have canceled. This interruption affects production and logistics arrangements. Mr. Truong Tan Loc said that agricultural products and fresh fruit exported at Cat Lai port will not be affected. If the registered corporate shipping lines are canceled or cut, businesses can contact Cat Lai port for support because there are many connecting transport services in Cat Lai.

In addition, when asked by businesses about the transfer of goods from Cat Lai to ICDs for customs clearance, what services are supported by businesses, a representative of Tan Cang Corporation said that businesses need to contact the shipping company to change the destination port; if it cannot be changed, the unit will have specific support solutions for businesses to use the free shipping service to ICDs.

By Le Thu/Bui Diep