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Over 411 mln USD raised through G-bonds in January

19:29 | 03/02/2020

A total of over 9 52 trillion VND was raised by the State Treasury through 12 G bond auctions at the Hanoi Stock Exchange HNX in January

over 411 mln usd raised through g bonds in january

Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)

The amount was 15.3 percent lower than that of the previous month. About 79.4 percent of G-bonds offered were sold.

G-bonds with different maturities experienced 0.6 – 1.71 percent declines in annual interest rates.

On the secondary G-bond market, trading volume averaged nearly 9.46 trillion VND per session, a month-on-month decrease of 0.08 percent. Total outright purchases of G-bonds in the month amounted over 98 trillion VND, down 10 percent against the previous month, while total trading volume of G-bonds via repurchasing agreements (repos) was valued 62.6 trillion VND, down 30 percent.

Foreign investors made outright purchases of more than 4.3 trillion VND, and outright sales of some 3.6 trillion VND. They did not make any repo transactions.

Total listed G-bonds were valued at more than 1.13 quadrillion VND as of January 31.

Source: VNA