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On reopening, Hanoi businesses are excited to catch up with production

10:18 | 14/10/2021

VCN - Hanoi has reopened and life continues to go back to normal. Therefore, businesses in Ha Noi quickly embarked on promoting production and business activities, creating motivation to recover the stagnant economy.

Businesses in Hanoi are urging production to resume to keep up with the schedule. In the photo: production activities at Garment 10 Corporation. Photo: H.Duu
Businesses in Hanoi are urging production to resume to keep up with the schedule. In the photo: production activities at Garment 10 Corporation. Photo: H.Duu

Accelerating production on schedule

As one of the big enterprises in Hanoi, over the past two years, Garment 10 Corporation has continuously "opened and closed" production and business activities, so the business strategy has been more proactive and flexible, especially for export orders.

Than Duc Viet, General Director of May 10, said Hanoi loosening anti-pandemic measures is a very good thing for businesses, helping businesses to be more proactive in production and circulation of goods. Fashionable garments are seasonal products. In the past, May 10 usually planned to receive goods and produce orders from 3-6 months, but since the pandemic, it has actively implemented it by weeks, even days.

With the above measures, May 10's order volume remains stable. Therefore, as soon as it was announced that Hanoi was loosening social distancing measures, Mr. Viet said that the company mobilized employees to work overtime to make up for the shortage of goods and promptly deliver goods to partners on schedule.

Similarly, a representative of Thinh Long International Trading Joint Stock Company said that the enterprise has made all plans, including the worst-case scenario during the time of social distancing in Hanoi, such as importing 100% of domestic raw materials to spare input goods in the face of concerns about supply chain disruption.

But with the reopening for more than a dozen days, businesses have urged production to return goods to partners on time and on schedule. Previously, to take advantage of opportunities in the difficult time, the company invested in machinery and equipment, switched to the segment of sewing high-end N95 medical masks with a capacity of about 15 million pieces/month, enough to meet the needs of customers for domestic and export markets.

The results of the survey on business trends of processing and manufacturing enterprises in Hanoi in the third quarter by the Hanoi Statistics Office showed that only 5% of enterprises assessed their production and business situation in 3rd quarter as better than the 2nd quarter; nearly 77% of enterprises suffered difficulties. If the Covid-19 pandemic is controlled in the following months, more than 37% of businesses expect the fourth quarter to get better, but also over 36% of businesses forecast more difficulties. Therefore, the reopening of Hanoi for business activities is expected to create vitality to restore production and business.

Open but still ready

Meanwhile, many businesses have changed their operating model from offline to online. So the past social distancing period is an opportunity to test customers and business strategies.

Therefore, even when Hanoi has reopened, a representative of a food supply chain in Hanoi said that the online business channel is still having a strong advantage to continue exploiting, so it will account for 70% of main operations.

Moreover, defining "living with the pandemic" and stabilizing production, businesses in Hanoi have identified the mentality as "ready to fight", always focusing on pandemic prevention and control at work. In particular, businesses have been contacting the city to vaccinate workers. General Director of May 10 said that the company always upholds the spirit of each employee as a soldier, the enterprise is a fortress, not only helping businesses maintain production but also contribute to Hanoi's strategy for disease prevention and economic recovery.

Also talking about this issue, a representative of Hanoi Thong Nhat Joint Stock Company said that the enterprise has strictly complied with the regulations on human resources in the departments that indirectly go to work at 50%; the retail block reopens for business and closes at 9pm every day, customers entering the store must declare their health by QRcode.

Thus, before or after Hanoi reopens, businesses still maintain and achieve positive business results.

Although there have been more advantages thanks to Directive 22/CT-UBND on adjusting measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic in the city in the new situation of the Hanoi People's Committee, businesses still want to create more favorable conditions, because the last three months of the year is the peak period of production and business.

Businesses must accelerate to keep up with the schedule with signed orders, as a basis for cooperation in 2022. In addition, businesses also expect that the policies on business support of the Government and Hanoi will be put into practice more effectively.

By Minh Chi/Bui Diep