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How can big companies achieve digital transformation?

19:23 | 17/01/2021

VCN- Vietnam "is standing at an important crossroads" as the world is influenced by Covid-19. Therefore, innovation and digital transformation play an important role in transforming business models, improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness.

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Ready to transform

Assessing the need for digital transformation, General Director of Bosch Vietnam Company, Guru Mallikarjuna, said that the digital transformation process is essential for all businesses, regardless of business lines, size and form.

Bosch defines digital transformation as the process of integrating digital technologies comprehensively into business to change, refresh, create, and reshape its business operations to suit the development of the market. The first step in digital transformation is to define a vision that can be shared deeply and strongly to drive digital transformation.

According to the General Director of Bosch Vietnam, in order to do this, businesses should put people and customers at the center, in addition, they need to support their members and employees to understand the change. This is necessary and creates greater values to help them be ready to change to create new values in the future.

Speaking about the process and efficiency that digital transformation brings, FPT Group General Director Nguyen Van Khoa said that in the past, all of FPT's data was dispersed in many member units. So far, after four years of digital transformation, FPT has completed building a database on customers, businesses, partners, and producers. After the digital transformation is complete, the digital conversion process of FPT will take place.

Thanks to the application of innovation and digital transformation, FPT has increased labor productivity by three times. Mastering digital technology and new business models improves internal work processes, creating a good operating environment, helping customers save costs and increasing production efficiency.

According to Intel Vietnam Market Development Director Dang Duc, Intel has for a long time concentrated on digital transformation and has been chosen as the core platform for IT systems as well as service delivery. Intel recognizes that the demand of the market has increased sharply since 2017, so the entire production process of Intel must double production, all Intel factories are operating at 100% capacity.

“Therefore, Intel wants businesses to take full advantage of today's digital technologies, especially existing resources such as computers, open platform technologies to create the best services for the market,” Mr. Dang Duc said.

Transformation from inside

As an enterprise that produces green materials, specifically soundproof panels, Mr. Giap Van Thanh, General Director of Phuong Nam Panel, said that if you want to achieve digital transformation in production, you need to start from technology.

Digital transformation must start at the leadership level of the business. Leadership must determine the strategy, collaborate with suppliers and partners that have digital transformation and manufacturing. That will help businesses grow faster. Accordingly, from the input materials, businesses have to choose the digital transformation that will is suitable with their technology.

Not only manufacturing enterprises but also businesses in the IT field are also in the cycle of digital transformation. CMC General Director Nguyen Kim Cuong shared that CMC currently has three main business segments: IT, telecommunications infrastructure, and software development outsourcing.

Last year, CMC focused on improving the intrinsic capacity of the entire corporation and member companies to ensure the best use of existing technology.

At the same time, CMC also cut off ineffective business segments, built and formed an ecosystem of technology solutions to bring solutions to customers in the fastest way.

However, in order to successfully implement the digital transformation, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa said that digital transformation needs data. Based on that, businesses need to review what elements are lacking to meet this transition, they must proceed immediately. For example, if the enterprise lacks IT infrastructure, it is necessary to worry about a good information infrastructure for transformation.

In case businesses have IT infrastructure and data, they need to search for products related to artificial intelligence and big data. Those two technologies include a series of products and services.

By Xuan Thao/ Kieu Oanh