August 10, 2022 19:05

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Bringing into play the resources of overseas Vietnamese to export goods

10:04 | 10/06/2022

VCN - Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs at home and abroad, especially overseas Vietnamese, play an important role in promoting, introducing, communicating and directly producing and distributing Vietnam distribution.

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Bringing into play the resources of overseas Vietnamese to export goods
The seminar attracted the participation of many Vietnamese businessmen and businesses abroad.

That was the opinion of many delegates given at the seminar: "Resources of overseas Vietnamese in participating in the introduction, consumption of products and development of distribution channels of Vietnamese goods abroad", organized by the Committee on Overseas Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City held on the afternoon of June 1.

Nguyen Ho Hai, Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, said that this is an effective source of support for Vietnamese businesses to grasp information and export opportunities to foreign markets, especially in areas where many Vietnamese people live.

Nguyen Dinh Phu, Chairman of the Vietnam Entrepreneurs Association in the US, said that the US has a lot of potential to promote the export of Vietnam's strong products such as seafood, agricultural products, textiles, footwear and wooden furniture for the US. Besides, businesses of the two sides can also connect and cooperate on sea and air logistics, sustainable freight transport, transport project research and warehousing services.

Recently, the Vietnamese business community in the United States has made important contributions to the host country's economy and promoted international trade and investment; including bilateral trade and investment between Vietnam and the US. Vietnamese enterprises ranked third in the number of businesses in the group of Asian enterprises with over 310,000 business establishments, generating revenue of about 35 billion USD/year.

Bringing into play the resources of overseas Vietnamese to export goods
Le Ba Linh, Vice Chairman of Laos - Thailand Liaison Association said that he will support Vietnamese businesses to put their goods on cross-border e-commerce platforms.

A representative of the Thai-Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association said that in the Northeast of Thailand, there are more than 70,000 Thai expatriates of Vietnamese origin, including hundreds of successful overseas business people, many of whom own restaurant chains, hotels and large commercial centers.

These are favorable conditions for consolidating as well as establishing new trade centers, displaying and introducing high-quality Vietnamese products in Thailand and attracting consumers to use more Vietnamese goods.

In the Chinese market, Tra My, President of the Provisional Association of Vietnamese Enterprises in China, said that this is a market of more than billions of people and has a great demand for goods, and is an export destination for many countries. in the region. Currently, China is the largest export market of some Vietnamese products, but the proportion of Vietnamese goods in China compared to some other countries in the region is still modest.

Sharing about the reasons why Vietnamese goods have not conquered these regions, Ms. Ngo Pham Tran, of the Dai Viet Economic, Cultural and Educational Development Association, said that before, importers and exporters did not invest time to exploit Vietnam's new products. According to them, compared to Thai, Filipino and Indonesian processed goods, the product quality in those countries is much better than Vietnam.

Furthermore, they have not confirmed Vietnamese goods before, and Vietnamese enterprises have not given any grounds to affirm and persuade them to use Vietnamese goods.

To change the situation, Tra My said that before entering China, it is necessary to clearly determine that quality is number one, but packaging and design are equally important and must protect your brand before going. go abroad. At the same time, Vietnamese businesses need to change their minds, not only selling what they have, but also investing in products the market needs; cooperate to support many Vietnamese products to enter new markets, this creates a positive effect for Vietnamese brands abroad.

In the US market, Mr. David Duong, chairman of the Vietnam-American Business Association (VABA), said that currently, there is no warehouse in the US that specializes in storing Vietnamese goods, but only stores goods from Thailand and China. This is a big disadvantage. Vietnamese goods are currently only stored in warehouses at Vietnamese markets, the price depends on the shipping and delivery unit. Goods from countries with warehouses are always cheaper.

Accordingly, if there is a warehouse in the United States, Vietnamese enterprises can not only compete on price but also promote products; people who need to import goods to sell also get goods faster; Returns will also be faster. In addition, businesses need to promote Vietnamese products on social platforms.

Speaking at the seminar, Phan Thi Thang, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, said that promoting the distribution of goods should focus on groups of solutions to diversify, expand the form and scale of trade promotion, business-to-business, business-to-consumer connections abroad. Forming strategic links between distribution enterprises; between distribution and production. Thereby contributing to strengthening internal links, linking the Vietnamese business community at home and abroad to form and develop supply chains, distribute valuable, stable goods and open markets.

By Thu Diu/ Huu Tuc