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Activists in US believe in future Vietnamese development following Party Congress

17:08 | 04/02/2021

Activist Merle Ratner of the US and Prof. Ngo Thanh Nhan, joint co-ordinators of the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign which fights for aid for Agent Orange/Dioxin victims in the US, have stated that the 13th National Party Congress marks a turning point which will help Vietnam move into a new period of socialism.

Activists in US believe in future Vietnamese development following Party Congress

According to Ratner, the country has recorded spectacular growth over the past five years, with many economic achievements and efforts being recorded despite facing a crisis caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At present, the nation is ready to enter a new phase of sustainable development and move towards the next phase of socialism, an impressive feat in comparison to what is happening in capitalist countries, including the US.

She emphasised that the 13th National Party Congress has served to point out various weaknesses and shortcomings, as well as directions that can solve relevant issues, thereby demonstrating democracy in action within a socialist system.

Concurring with Ratner’s opinion, Prof. Nhan said that in the context of significant global fluctuations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Party Congress of Vietnam took place at the right time. The timing of the event allowed the Party and the Government to consolidate recent achievements and push forward with new policies which aim to care for citizens whilst facilitating the development of the country’s young generations.

Ratner also expressed her joy and congratulated Nguyen Phu Trong on his re-election to the post of Party General Secretary. She added her hopes that newly elected leaders will focus their efforts on defeating COVID-19, despite facing challenges caused by the emergence of a number of new variants. In line with this, Ratner hopes that Vietnamese leaders will redouble their efforts to ensure the local economy continues to grow and brings benefits to all citizens.

Moving forward, she has high hopes that the country will quickly develop a new health care system that all people can enjoy benefits from, in addition to developing a better welfare system for the poor, whilst continuing the fight against corruption as set out at the 13th National Party Congress.

Both Ratner and Prof. Nhan expressed their confidence in the Communist Party of Vietnam’s future development in line with the right path chosen by President Ho Chi Minh to maintain national stability.

The nation will therefore continue its ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as initiating economic recovery efforts in a sustainable manner thanks to the right leadership of the Party and the solidarity of people through many social organisations and movements, they pair stated.

Source: VOV