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Hi Sir, I will like to know what are the taxes and custom procedures that I may have to pay if I will to import bottled water from Australia and re-export into Western China via Vietnam port. The goods will not be sold in Vietnam. Please advice. Thank you.

Date: 14-06-2016 14:56

Hello, I have a business in Vietnam and would like to important an SUV to drive there for business. Are there any tax breaks to important your own car for business use in Vietnam? Also what is the approximate cost for an SUV at $30,000 US? Thank you, Michael

Date: 14-06-2016 11:12

We have been requested (from Spain) to ship some wine samples to Vietnam exclusively for tasting analysis. The transport import clearance would by arranged by (Federal Express) an Express Company Courier on behalf of receiver. We have been visited your web: www.customs.gov.vn but it did not work through internet. Because we have not enough information regarding possible restrictions or problems about customs formalities in Vietnam, could kindly you please confirm which restrictions, limits, license might be needed for an IMPORT and EXPPRESS CUSTOMS CLEARANCE ? The importer and consignee will be an INDIVUDUAL as receiver and has no IMPORT LICENSE. Value of samples will be about 90 USD on invoiced and declared as SAMPLES NOT FOR SALE. Is we can ship the samples, ARE There any duties and taxes as well. Thank you very much for your quick response. Kind regards Álvaro Martínez

Date: 14-06-2016 10:50

Are food parcels of Gluten Free bread permitted into Vietnam via international parcel company? This is for personal use only as gluten free bread not available here in Vietnam, maximum of 4 packs of bread in delivery.

Date: 14-06-2016 10:45

This is ashish nikam from sudarshan group. we are chemical importer but now we are start import bulk material from korea so please let us know how to know basic duty get from online. we know about material name Toluene basic duty. we going to import material from korea. so let us know basic duty.

Date: 14-06-2016 10:45

We're the company doing trade operation in Japan. We're planning export of rice cake to Vietnam from Japan. Please tell me HS cable of rice cake in Vietnam. Thank you

Date: 14-06-2016 10:23

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