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Samsung General Director: “I appreciate the potential development of Vietnamese supporting enterprises”

20:11 | 27/06/2019

VCN  - General Director of Samsung Electronics Vietnam Choi Joo-ho said “When visiting some enterprises, I highly appreciate the potential development of Vietnamese enterprises in supporting industries. Compared with global businesses, Vietnamese enterprises need to focus on improving quality and productivity.”

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General Director Choi Joo Ho (middle) visits CNC Tech. Photo: Nguyen Thanh

Change completely

The management of Samsung Vietnam has just visited three enterprises in northern Vietnam – Hanoi CNC Technology Investment and Development Company Limited – CNC Tech, Viet Chuan Joint Stock Company and Thien My Vinh Phuc Company Limited – to evaluate the consultation results.

These enterprises all work in the field of plastic injection, moulding and plastic plating. After 3 months of consultation, the consultation program has brought positive results, helping businesses improve production and competitiveness.

Visiting CNC Tech, General Director of Samsung Electronics Vietnam Choi Joo Ho said: “I am very surprised at the changes of CNC Tech. Especially, from the director to employees are all determining to improve, to change and to acquire the instructions and advice of Samsung experts with a desire to achieve many positive changes. I appreciate the spirit of CNC Tech and believe that in the future, CNC Tech will become more and more important. Therefore, improvements need to be done more and more continuously.”

Referring to the capacity of Vietnamese enterprises in the supporting industry, Choi Joo Ho said: “When visiting some Vietnamese enterprises such as CNC Tech, I highly appreciate the potential development. If compared with global enterprises, Vietnamese enterprises need to focus on improving quality and productivity.”

About the improvement of the capacity of Vietnam’s supporting enterprises, Choi Joo Ho said that the first thing to mention is the 5S3D standards, complying with the basic principles in production; improving production stages, avoiding complicated and ineffective situations. "In my opinion, the most important is the spirit of improvement of the director, managers and all employees,” said Choi Joo Ho.

Continue to support Vietnamese businesses

Samsung has a total of 308 suppliers. The number of Vietnamese first-tier suppliers has increased from 4 in 2014 to 35 by the end of 2018. It is expected to rise to 50 by 2020.

These businesses are currently participating in supply chains for Samsung factories in Vietnam including: Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV), Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen (SEVT), SEHC Complex (Ho Chi Minh City) , Samsung Display Vietnam (Bac Ninh), Samsung SDI Vietnam (Bac Ninh) and Samsung Electro-Mechanics Vietnam (Thai Nguyen).

tin nhap 20190627140056
CNC Tech is trying to improve with the expectation of becoming a supplier for Samsung. Photo: Nguyen Thanh

Looking forward to becoming one of Samsung's suppliers, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, CNC Tech's General Director, affirmed: "The company committed to make efforts and improve results. CNC Tech proposed Samsung to continue to advise, train and support, so that CNN Tech can become a subsidiary for Samsung. CNC Tech also asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to continue to support and accompany CNC Tech to become a big enterprise in the supporting industry.”

Around this issue, representatives of the Department of Industry (Ministry of Industry and Trade) shared a feeling of surprise at the business improvement of Vietnamese enterprises under the support of Samsung; pledged to accompany Samsung as well as businesses in the process of developing Vietnamese supporting enterprises.

Choi Joo Ho said in order to support businesses, Samsung developed a business consultancy program. Up to now, 60 enterprises have participated in this program.

In addition, Samsung has been striving to accompany the Government of Vietnam to develop the supporting industry through such activities as: Organizing exhibitions and seminars on supporting industry in Vietnam to seek Vietnamese businesses that are capable of participating in Samsung's supply chain; Cooperative training program for 200 Vietnamese consultants in the field of production and quality improvement.

“In the future, we will expand the implementation of the program, with the hope that Vietnamese businesses will continuously improve to achieve global standards, contributing to the overall development of Vietnamese supporting industry,” said Choi Joo Ho.

By Thanh Nguyen/Kieu Oanh