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Policies must not be affected by group interests

16:20 | 24/06/2016

Ministries must determinedly not let group interests manipulate policies, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc stressed at the Government’s meeting on policy making on June 23.

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policies must not be affected by group interests
The Government’s meeting on policy making takes place on June 23.

As pursuant to the 2015 Law on Promulgation of Legal Normative Documents, which also comes into force on July 1, all documents guiding the implementation of existing laws and ordinances must also be issued before this date.According to the Government Office, 51 documents must be issued to stipulate the enforcement of the laws taking effect on July 1, 2016 and the revised investment and enterprise laws. Thirty-one of them have been promulgated so far, and 26 others have been submitted to the PM for approval.

The failure to issue those guidance documents before July 1 will create a “legal gap” that can substantially affect the State’s managerial activities along with the investment and business environment.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc said the preparation for a number of laws that become effective on July 1 is a heavy workload. Institution building is of significance, and it must remove barriers and create favourable conditions for people and businesses to promote productivity and economic growth.

He told ministries to reduce unnecessary business conditions and by-permits, while not creating new regulations that can hamper people’s daily activities and business operations.

They have to publicise the draft guidance documents through media outlets and on their websites so that people and companies subject to the laws can give feedback. Based on those comments, ministries need to fine-tune the drafts, helping the laws be enforced at their best.

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If shortcomings are found in any document issued, the minister of the ministry promulgating it must be held accountable to the PM, the Cabinet leader emphasised.

Source: Vietnamnet